TaskRabbit is arguably the best thing to come out of the modern day tech revolution. You know, besides 3D printed bones and Instagram filters. But I mean c’mon… It’s just so handy! Whether you need some moving help, a skilled handyman or you just don’t want to deal with building your IKEA furniture, hiring a tasker can really help make every facet of your life a breeze. So, given how useful they are in your daily life, why shouldn’t you also use them this Valentine’s Day?

taskrabbit valentines day

For what you ask? To answer that exact question, the folks over at TaskRabbit have recently released a list of the most creative V-Day related tasks they been asked to complete and TBH, they’re all pretty genius. Below are six of the most popular tasks recorded from last Valentine’s Day.

1. Be a bartender for the evening.

2. Set up and tend to a campfire on a local beach.

3. Decorate an apartment while the couple is out to dinner.

4. Wait in line for a romantic dinner at a hard to get into restaurant.

5. Deliver the groceries needed to make a romantic dinner at home.

6. Create a travel itinerary for a weekend away.

Female Bakery Stall Holder At Farmers Fresh Food Market

TaskRabbit has also done some research into which tasks are the most popular in some of the biggest cities in the US. Here’s what they found on that front.

1. Washington DC: Impatient DC residents request taskers to stand in line at the hard to get into restaurants.

2. Boston: Boston loves carbs! Taskers were hired to deliver everything from specialty breads to donuts to burritos.

3. San Francisco: The foodie city hires taskers to wait in line, all food places from restaurants to bakeries.

4. New York: Busy New Yorkers leave the planning to taskers; everything from delivering sweets to planning the entire day.

5. Los Angeles: The party city requested the most bartending services for the perfect Valentine’s Day party for 2 or 200.

6. Austin: Southern charmers opted to use taskers to pick up things like pizza and bourbon deliveries.

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