IKEA is a mystical and magical place, full of epic apartment displays, trinkets you never knew you needed, oh, and you can’t forget about those tiny meatballs. But if you’ve ever bought something from IKEA you know that the new furniture bliss you felt during that car ride home is quickly diminished when you get to the assembly process. All you’ll find in that once promising package is an instruction manual with confusing photos and a mysterious bag of nuts and bolts. We know how this process goes down all too well, but it looks like Ryan Reynolds just experienced the tortured love affair that is IKEA the hard way.

While taking a break from shooting his recent GQ feature, the magazine filmed the new dad trying to put together a new baby crib. Ryan starts out confident, but that quickly changes into frustration. We watch as he chats with the IKEA helpline and tells them, “Aside from a slow descent into alcoholism I’m just really having trouble finding all the screws and the pieces that go with it. I mean there’s got to be over 100,000 pieces that came with it. So I’m just wondering if there’s a representative or five that could come by and make this happen for me.” Ryan, allow us to introduce you to our BFF, TaskRabbit.

This isn’t the first time Ryan has gone public about his struggles with fatherhood. During a recent appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael Ryan talked about the weird process of taking baby James’ temperature (via her uh, rectum) and of course, there was that Father’s Day pic that showed him using his baby carrier wrong. But hey, like all new dads Ryan is just doing the best he can. And lucky for us, he’s managing to do it in probably the most adorable way ever.

Are you a new parent? What has been the most surprising lesson you’ve learned? Share with us in the comments below.

(Feature photo via Sonia Recchia/Getty)