19 Meatless Monday Dinner Recipes That Turn Mushrooms into “Meat”
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19 Meatless Monday Dinner Recipes That Turn Mushrooms into “Meat”

Vegetarians are forever coming up with ways to replace meat in delicious and creative ways. Not only have they attacked meatballs, but they’ve put some successful spins on meaty classics that most believed to be impossible. Due to their heartiness, vegetarians often turn to tofu, tempeh, and legumes like chickpeas in order to fill up and feel good. There are, however, some veggies out there that are meat-y enough to step up to the plate. The mushroom is one of them, and we’ve got 19 dinner recipes that will sate your hunger on Meatless Monday.

1. White Pizza With Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Rosemary Potatoes With Garlic Cream Sauce: The name is a mouthful, which is fitting, because you’re going to want a mouthful. This sophisticated pizza pie is a flavor party, and pepperoni was not invited. (via She Eats)

2. Kimchi Mushroom Burgers: Ditching beef certainly doesn’t mean ditching thick and juicy burgers for dinner. Robust portobello mushrooms do the trick, and when they’re breaded with a light crisp, you can’t lose. (via My Goodness Kitchen)

3. Mushroom Masala and Fenugreek: This fabulous curry brings such an aromatic mix to your table that it might make your other dinners look a little sad. Luckily, this dish is easy to make, so you can throw it down on the regular. (via Cook Republic)

4. Seared King Oyster Mushrooms and a Homemade Teriyaki Glaze: This recipe is confirmation that mushrooms can do anything. Seared to perfection and slathered with a homemade teriyaki glaze, these ‘shrooms prove that they’re “kings” for good reason. (via Olives for Dinner)

5. Veggie Pot Pies With Crispy Potatoes: Pot pies are a necessity throughout the cold and drab winter months, and those on a plant-based diet shouldn’t be left deprived. An assortment of hearty veggies, including meaty cremini mushrooms, bring depth to this cozy option. (via Natural Girl Modern World)

6. Poblano Mushroom Tacos With Cilantro Yogurt Sauce: These flavor-packed tacos are pure perfection for both #MeatlessMonday and #TacoTuesday. So choose wisely — or just make them two nights in a row! (via Half Baked Harvest)

7. Wild Mushroom Ragu With Creamy Polenta: Ladies and gents, this right here is the “meat and potatoes” of the vegan world. Velvety polenta is topped with saucy mushrooms to throw you into a state of pure comfort food bliss. (via Connoisseurus Veg)

8. Vegan Summer Rolls With Peanut Dip: Crisp veggies and meaty mushrooms are stuffed into tender rice paper to give you a healthy dinner option that is a cinch to make. (via Cake and Beans)

9. Lentil Mushroom Meatballs: Turn your usual spaghetti and meatballs into spaghetti and cheatballs. Lentils and mushrooms are rolled together to create the perfect veg-friendly version of this Italian fave. (via Oh My Veggies)

10. Easy Mushroom Stir-Fry: A stir-fry is an amazing go-to, especially on those weeknights when you’re completely stumped for dinner ideas. The next time you find yourself in such a pickle, give this wholesome recipe a spin. (via Eat Healthy Eat Happy)

11. King Mushroom Cauliflower Red Curry: Cauliflower and mushrooms are a common meat substitute in vegetarian cuisine due to their heartiness. This dish brings its A game by including both ingredients in a mouth-watering curry. (via The Culinary Tribune)

12. Skillet Spaghetti Squash Pasta With Green Olives and Mushrooms: If you love digging into a dinner that is everything saucy, tangy, and fulfilling, this recipe needs to be added to your rotation stat. Spaghetti squash is tossed with “beefy” mushrooms and briny olives to give your tastebuds an optimal treat. (via Spice and Sprout)

13. Brown Rice Pilaf With Mushrooms, Kale and Almonds: This fantastic brown rice pilaf is super flexible and can be dished up as a main or a side. It’s packed with nutrition while also being vegan and GF. (via Yay! For Food)

14. Mushroom Farro Burgers: If you want to change things up from the usual portobello burger, whip up some tasty patties with chopped mushrooms instead. These ones incorporate cooked farro, beans, and oats into the mix for a little extra oomph. (via The Ranger’s Daughter)

15. Seitan, Red Bean, and Mushroom Bourguignon: This veggie-fied spin on the bourguignon could give the beefy French classic a run for its money. Filled with rich and savory flavors, this recipe gives us the belly-warming sensation we crave with seitan, beans, and mushrooms. (via Emily Honeycutt)

16. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff: This is the real deal, y’all. Rich cashew cream is tossed with noodles and mushrooms to create a stroganoff that rivals its meaty forerunner. (via Connoisseurus Veg)

17. Vegan Wild Mushroom Tortellini: You might be wondering how on earth this Italian dish could be transformed into vegan goodness, but it’s easy. A medley of wild mushrooms replaces the usual ground meat, while Italian herbs and vegan cheeses add the richness we crave. (via Euphoric Vegan)

18. One-Hour Veggie Pot Pie: This glorious and flaky pie is stuffed to the brim with vegetable goodness. It’s also adaptable, so you can add whatever other veggies you want in order to clean out that crisper! (via Kale Yeah It’s Vegan)

19. Porcini and Polenta Sausages: If you’re a bangers and mash purist, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “Oh no, they didn’t.” But we can assure you that yes, they did, and it’s the best thing ever. (via The Veg Space)

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