Nutritional yeast, best known for its starring role in many vegan dishes, is actually incredibly flexible. Not only do folks use it to cheese up their vegan lasagnas, but they also sprinkle it over popcorn for an extra zip of flavor. There鈥檚 more to this heaven-sent ingredient than its buttery, nutty flavor. Nutritional yeast is a complete protein and a great source of some B-complex vitamins. With that in mind, we鈥檇 venture to say that these 14 鈥渃heesy鈥 recipes are as healthy as they are comforting.

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1. Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup: You鈥檇 never guess that this rich and creamy bowl of goodness is dairy-free, and better yet, healthy. Ready in just 15 minutes, this soup makes for an indulgent weeknight dinner that you can dig your spoon into sans guilt. (via Food Faith Fitness)

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2. Vegan Parmesan Cauliflower Steaks Over Hemp Pesto Noodles: We love cauliflower in ALL the ways 鈥 riced, roasted, or turned into pizza crust. But nothing beats a tender cauliflower steak made 鈥渃heesy鈥 with a blend of nutritional yeast, raw cashews and yummy spices. (via Emilie Eats)

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3. Green Goddess Bowl: Friends, this isn鈥檛 your average bowl meal. Complete with edamame, avocado, and a wholesome dose of nutritional yeast, this bright emerald dinner option is packed with nutrients that will fuel you and make you feel AH-mazing. (via Wellness With Taryn)


4. Vegan Mac and Cheese: Brace yourself, because we鈥檝e got a stellar 30-minute mac that is good for you. Nutritional yeast, miso, and smoked paprika give this creamy sauce its depth so you can mow down and feel totally okay about it. (via Delicious Everyday)

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5. Vegan Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza: Life is good when you can indulge in a healthy pizza that doesn鈥檛 cramp your diet. Smothered with a vegan pesto, this tasty pie is topped with a vegan Parm in the form of nutritional yeast. (via Delish Knowledge)

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6. Tofu Scrambles: The awesomeness of breakfast for dinner is something that everyone can agree on. Thanks to perfectly spiced and scrambled tofu, even vegans can get a cozy dose of 鈥渆ggs鈥 and toast. (via Drum Beets)

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7. Vegan Rocket and Pea Risotto: Risotto recipes are known for their copious amounts of cheese, which is why it鈥檚 so darn awesome. If you鈥檙e off of dairy, worry not; some nutritional yeast and a little splash of almond milk will give you that creamy texture and cheesy flavor you crave. (via Wallflower Kitchen)

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8. Pesto Rice With Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Walnuts: This recipe ups your tomato game by slow-roasting them in the oven to juicy, caramelized perfection. As if that wasn鈥檛 enticing enough, nutritional yeast is added to the pesto and rice for extra lip-smacking goodness. (via Food, Fitness, Fresh Air)

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9. Zucchini Pizza Boats: Add the word 鈥減izza鈥 to any dinner option and we鈥檙e *in.* Stuffed with veggies, sweet marinara, and cheesy nutritional yeast, these zucchini boats are BOMB. (via In Sonnet鈥檚 Kitchen)

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10. Vegan Garlic Alfredo With Asparagus and Peas: If you鈥檙e a sucker for Alfredo sauce but avoiding dairy, we鈥檝e got you covered. This glorious and garlicky concoction does not skimp out on creaminess, thanks to cauliflower and our beloved nutritional yeast. (via I Love Vegan)

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11. Cheesy Vegan Rutabaga Casserole: Unlike the usual heavy and less-than-wholesome casseroles we see at family affairs, this one is packed with nutrition. Rutabagas, potatoes, and other veggies are brought to the table with a dairy-free cheesiness that can鈥檛 be denied. (via Simple Seasonal)

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12. Vegan Cheddar Beer Soup: This velvety pub classic is now vegan perfection. With a base of raw cashews, healthful veggies, and a generous serving of nutritional yeast, the cheesy blend is garnished with smokey croutons and crispy tempeh bacon. (via Connoisseurus Veg)

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13. Vegan Zucchini Lasagna With Tofu Ricotta: Layered with tender veggies, this light twist on lasagna is all the rage. You won鈥檛 miss the noodles, and thanks to the crumbly tofu and nutritional yeast, you certainly won鈥檛 miss the cheese! (via Emilie Eats)

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14. Golden Beetroot Risotto: This bright spin on risotto will be the talk of the dinner table, there鈥檚 no doubt about it. We can guarantee it tastes as comforting as it looks, and it鈥檚 full of wholesome ingredients. Sold. (via Blissful Basil)

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