Forget greasy potato chips, friends; today, it’s all about crispy and crave-worthy popcorn. In its simplest form, popcorn is a blank canvas that encourages us to get creative and enjoy it any way we want it. Some take things to the next level with sticky ‘n’ sweet popcorn balls or marshmallow popcorn bars, but if you’re looking for an even simpler snack hack, go for a sweet or savory seasoning blend. Cue up Netflix and grab a big blanket and a gargantuan sharing bowl, because your binge-watching is about to get a whole lot better with these 18 smashing popcorn blends.

a beautiful mess

1. Birthday Cake Popcorn: Even if it isn’t your birthday, it’ll certainly feel like it is when you chomp on a handful of this sweet and colorful treat. Plus, a quiet night in with your fave and a movie is always worth celebrating. (via A Beautiful Mess)

cookie dough and oven mitt

2. Maple Bacon Popcorn: Because everything is better with bacon — even already delicious popcorn. If you’re a sucker for all things sweet and salty, then this is a bowlful of your wildest dreams, complete with salty bacon bits and maple brown sugar. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)

root and revel

3. 5-Minute Coconut Oil Sriracha Popcorn With Nori: If you want to really step outside the box, this healthy bowl of savory popcorn has it all. With a spicy Japanese twist, this blend offers incredible umami flavors in addition to lots of fiber, protein and other nutrients. Go ahead, have seconds; heck, have thirds! (via Root and Revel)

smells like home

4. Snickerdoodle Caramel Corn: Nothing beats a fresh, warm Snickerdoodle straight outta the oven… except maybe Snickerdoodle popcorn. In all of its cinnamon-y simplicity, this crunchy snack is highly addictive. You’ve been warned. (via Smells Like Home)

for those who savor

5. Harissa-Spiced Popcorn: There are plenty of ways to spice things up on the couch, and tossing your popcorn in Harissa is one of them. You may never go back to your old buttery popcorn ways after enjoying the warm flavors of the cumin, paprika and pepper flakes. (via For Those Who Savor)


6. Churro Popcorn Recipe: Sometimes in life, we’re forced to make hard decisions. But why decide between the two snacks you love the most? Just blend them into one glorious masterpiece. In this case, churros and popcorn become one, and we definitely approve. (via Little Inspiration)

warm vanilla sugar

7. Spicy Honey Sesame Caramel Popcorn: Life’s too short to eat boring food, so take your regular ol’ caramel corn and fancy it up with some sesame seeds, honey and Sriracha. You’ll become an instant addict to this brilliant combo of spicy, salty and sweet. (via Warm Vanilla Sugar)

whole bite blog

8. Buffalo Wing Popcorn: Frank’s Hot Sauce — some people literally put that stuff on everything! Popcorn included. And who could blame them? This popcorn has all the flavor of Buffalo sauce, but it’s mixed with a buttery caramel to avoid becoming soggy and maintain that crunch. (via Whole Bite Blog)

the green life

9. Vegan Nacho-Style Popcorn: All the flavors of nachos and none of the grease? Sounds pretty good to us! These popped kernels are tossed in an easy-to-make oregano-infused oil and shaken in a blend of Mexican spices. Ah, and since you can’t have nachos without cheese, nutritional yeast is used for that magical dairy-free cheesiness. (via The Green Life)

mitzy at home

10. Coconut Chocolate Popcorn: Coconut and chocolate are a killer combination, and we’ve seen plenty of it in desserts; now it’s in popcorn, and we’re doing our happy dance. If you’re the type to opt for a hot cup of movie-time coffee rather than soda, this popcorn medley is ALL for you, babe. (via Mitzy at Home)

rachel cooks

11. Blueberries and Cream Popcorn: This unique treat is *super* hard to resist. The best part is that you only need three ingredients: blueberries, white chocolate and, of course, popcorn. So if you’re craving sweet summer-y flavors but don’t want to delay movie time too much, whip up a batch of this. (via Rachel Cooks)

erica sweet tooth

12. Apple Spice Popcorn: Seasonal flavors are always worth getting excited about, and it’s finally time to prepare for ciders, pumpkin-spiced everything and apples galore. This apple-y popcorn is here just in time. (via Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

the suburban soapbox

13. Minions Popcorn Snack Mix: It can be a challenge to convince little ones to eat a healthy snack. And when you don’t give in, you’re made to feel downright despicable. But there’s hope! This Minion-themed popcorn is loaded with peanuts and pretzels and is totally kid-approved. (via The Suburban Soapbox)

inquiring chef

14. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn: The combination of chocolate and peppermint just screams “winter holidays.” When you plan for your Christmas movie marathons this year, jot this recipe down. It will pair wonderfully with hot cocoa, coffee with Bailey’s and your fave Christmas classics. (via Inquiring Chef)

bijoux and bits

15. Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn: Herbs and cheese go together like peas and carrots — and this is way better than peas and carrots. The earthiness from the fresh rosemary combined with the nuttiness of the browned butter is to die for. Put down a large bowl of this for your next Superbowl or awards show party. (via Bijoux and Bits)

a sip of bliss

16. Truffle Parmesan Popcorn: The next time you host a book club meeting or Gilmore Girls marathon, impress your pals by throwing a dash of sophistication over your popcorn in the form of truffle salt. It plays off the Parmesan amazingly, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from shoving handfuls of it into your mouth. (via A Sip of Bliss)

flavours and frosting

17. Lemon Meringue Gourmet Popcorn: Lemon meringue pie, though incredibly delicious, can be a royal pain in the butt to make if you don’t bake often. If the craving hits, opt for this easy and crunchy popcorn variation that uses lemon curd and meringue, and is finished with a crumbled cookie top. WHUT! (via Flavours and Frosting)

rachael adele

18. Parmesan and Sea Salt Popcorn: Those of you who like to keep flavors clean and enjoy foods in all of their simplicity — we hear you. Sometimes sugar and spice just isn’t what you’re looking for, and if you’re not feelin’ it, this lightly flavored popcorn is perfection in a bowl. (via Rachael Adele)

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