With the start of summer mere weeks away, it鈥檚 no secret that we鈥檝e all got travel on the brain. The gal constantly jet setting off to her next adventure knows all too well the dilemma of finding the *perf* souvenir to commemorate an ah-mazing trip (somehow refrigerator magnets and travel decor never seem to do your vacay justice). This summer, in lieu of the usual trinket, opt for a memento that leaves just as big an impression as your life-changing journey 鈥 a travel tattoo. Whether you want a tat that signifies your favorite destination or simply want to show off your wanderlust to the world, scroll through these 13 travel-inspired tattoos and find the ink that perfectly reflects your travel-hungry spirit.

1. Airplane: It鈥檚 not about the destination 鈥 it鈥檚 about the journey. Keep yourself in a travel state of mind with a plane tat that shows you鈥檙e always ready to embark on your next big adventure.

2. Climb Every Mountain: The sweet sights of nature call to you! While you鈥檙e slaving away at your desk, jonesing for your next excursion, keep your favorite landscape close to remind you where your heart truly lies: the great outdoors.

3. Sailboat: Ready to set sail? Sport your love for the great unknown with a tat that reps your nautical spirit.

4. Tropical: Just because you left the island doesn鈥檛 mean the island has to leave you. Keep those chill beach vibes going all year long with a palm tree tattoo coupled with a super chill catch phrase.

5. Landscape: Still dreaming of those breathtaking views? Remember your favorite city vacay forever by inking its stunning skyline on your bod.

6. Maps: You鈥檙e the kind of girl that鈥檚 going places! Mix and match tats that show your sense of direction in life is oriented toward your passion for travel.

7. Watercolor Skyline: A simple skyline just doesn鈥檛 do your memories justice. Give your Parisian travel tat an over-the-top romantic feel with soft watercolors that not only capture the memory, but the mood as well.

8. World Map: The world is your oyster. Get a map tat that shows where you鈥檙e going (everywhere!).

9. Boat + Anchor: Two loves come together with this anchor and boat tat. While you love to travel, you never forget the place, or people, you call home. Get a tat that always keeps you grounded (in a good way).

10. Bicycle: You鈥檙e not about relaxing vacations 鈥 you love rugged, active and adrenaline-pumping trips. Whether you biked your way through Germany or want to commemorate your stint in the Tour de France, get a bike tat that represents the active traveler you are.

11. Up: Adventure is out there! Celebrate a shared wanderlust with your partner in crime with a whimsical tattoo.

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12. Compass: North, south, east or west 鈥 where you go doesn鈥檛 matter, as long as you鈥檙e on an adventure. Get a compass tat that shows that, for you, true north is the open road.

13. Passport Stamps: Frequent travelers can agree, there鈥檚 just something *so* gratifying about getting new stamps in your passport (think sticker books for adults!). Bear the official mark of where you鈥檝e been with passport stamp tats that are better than any travel pins.

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