Today we’re combining our love for washi tape with the art of cross stitch. And guess what else we’re combining it with? Our love of old school photography! Much like our washi tape fireplace, we’re making a decal for one of the walls in our reception area. Our inspiration? Polaroid.

 – painter’s tape

– washi tape

– scissors


1. Decide on a design.

2. Tape your pattern on the wall using painter’s tape.

3. Cut small pieces of washi tape (about an inch and a half in length).

4. Using the painter’s tape as a guide, make crosses using the washi tape.

5. Continue to cut tape and follow your pattern until the image is complete.

When you’re deciding on a design, keep in mind that you’ll need to enlarge it, so don’t make it too complicated, though any image can be pixelated, which is essentially what is happening when you cross stitch. Want a unicorn on your wall? Go for it. Love that “Home Sweet Home” cross-stitched pillow your grandmother made? Well now you can have it up on your wall.

You might want to draw your image on a piece of paper first to make sure you can get the right look. Justin Bieber’s face might sound like a good idea, but if you can’t draw it, you shouldn’t do it.

Once you have your design, take your painter’s tape to the wall and create your outline. This is just a rough draft to get the right shape and size. Take a step back to make sure your image isn’t doing took much of a gangster lean.

Now that you’ve got your shape, spend some time cutting strips of washi tape. You’re going to need a lot. We went back and forth between cutting and sticking just to mix it up. When you’re ready to tape, peel away a small section of the painter’s tape and fill it with washi.

You’ll be making a criss-cross or X shape with the tape to make it look like cross stitch.

Keep following your pattern and change up the color when necessary.

We had to add Polaroid’s signature red, yellow, and blue to complete the look. Every once in a while it’s a good idea to take a step back to see how it’s coming along and to make sure you’re keeping it straight.

And, of course, the flash!

How fun is this Polaroid? We love this on the wall over a desk or shelf. You could also do this on a canvas if you think you might want to move it around your house or give it away as a gift.