For our next bit of hair trickery, we turn to romantic, bohemian, beachy waves. The task of nailing down how exactly to make the perfect wave is a tall order, and one that can easily result in accidental crimping, Shirley Temple-esque ringlets, or simply a big old mess. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few hacks up our sleeve. Using a curling iron, flat iron, blowdryer, and a few key products, here are 3 foolproof ways to get that tousled wavy look.

We’ll start with the most traditional one – using a curling iron to curl your hair and then turn it into waves. The photos correspond to the numbered steps below the collage, starting with the upper left photo.

1. Create two-inch sections of hair using an alligator hair clip.

2. Take out one section and clip the rest of the hair aside.

3. Spray the section your about to curl with Kenra Platinum Hot Spray.

4. Before you curl each section, run the curling iron over the end to make sure it’s smooth.

5. Starting at the base of hair closest to your roots, wrap the stand of hair around the iron away from your face so that the wave will flow away from your face instead of into it.

6. Unravel hair carefully as you take out the curling iron and repeat with the rest of your hair.

7. Now you’ve got some pretty cute loose curls. But we’ve gotta wave ’em up!

8. Flip your head upside down and mess up those curls. Be sure to separate the curls you’ve created so you don’t end up with giant ringlets.

9. Turn on your Hollywood starlet attitude and call it a day!

For this one, you’ll use your trusty flat iron to create a subtle sleek wave.

1. If you’ve got any kinks in your hair, flatten them out with a flat iron.

2. Section your hair into two inch sections. Take your first section and spray with Kenra Volume Spray.

3. Starting at the base of the hair closest to the root, use your flat iron to twist the hair around the outside of the iron as if it were a curling iron. Be sure to leave the ends out.

4. Hold in place for a minute.

5. Let out carefully and repeat throughout your hair.

6. Once finished, spray hair again with Kenra Volume Spray.

7. Use a wide tooth comb to smooth down any big curls.

8. Say cheese!

9. Or pucker up! :)

Last up, create a trio of twisted buns and blow dry them to get a really playful wave that’s a little more on the wild side.

1. Spray down hair with water.

2. Then spray down with John Masters Organics Sea Mist.

3. Section the top part of the hair and twist very tightly.

4. Wrap it into a bun and secure with an elastic or bobby pin.

5. Repeat with the rest of the hair so you have 3 buns.

6. Blow dry those buns! Dry each bun for 5-10 minutes.

7. Unwrap all of the buns.

8. Loosen each twist and separate the hair with your fingers.

9. Boom! That’s all folks.

Which of these wave styles is your favorite? Do you have any ingenious ways to make complicated hair styles a little more simple? Talk to us in the comments below.