We love everything about backyard entertaining, except the mosquitos and other pests that seem to always come with it. Next time you find your guests getting “buggered” and are tempted to move the party inside, consider trying one of these genius anti-pest tricks. Scroll down to learn some nifty hacks, like making your own repellent, building a bug-free fire, and other simple solutions.

1. Light citronella candles. This classic trick is an oldie but a goodie. If you’re lacking in the home candle department, try making this pretty DIY Balloon Dipped Citronella Candle. Since they’re made with essential oils, they give off a gorgeous aroma and glow, *and* mosquitos HATE citronella. (via Sugar & Cloth)

2. Cover your cups. Like you, bugs enjoy a cool, sweet cocktail every once in awhile. Keep their happy hour intrusion at bay by using cupcake liners to cover your drink. Secure this temporary top with a straw, and enjoy sipping while keeping insects out. (via The Target Saver)

3. Hand out fans. Shoo away unwanted friends with the help of hand fans. Since these are typically used as wedding favors, there are tons of pretty and personalized templates out there to choose from. Plus, you can use ’em to keep cool too! (via Minted)

4. Build a bug-free bonfire. Burn sage in your bonfire to keep pesky mosquitos and other insects away. Combine with other herbs like lavender and mint to give off a lovely scent. Add some s’mores to the sitch and you’ve got the perfect entertaining and pest-free setting. (via The Kitchn)

5. Make a mason jar luminary. Add a little ambiance that also effectively deals with your bug probs. These luminaries are designed to repel insects while giving off a gorgeous glow. (via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia)

6. Conceal your food. While you may want to put that gourmet spread on display, a fashionable food cover is the best option to keep your meal protected when there are insects around. (via Sugar & Cloth)

7. Grow some lavender. You love the smell and insects HATE it — perfect! (via Kate’s Creative Space)

8. Make your own misters. On that lavender note, try infusing the miracle plant into your own spray bottle concoction for a great way to keep your guests bite-free. Add cute labels for this scented mister that makes for a great party favor! (via Evermine)

9. Incorporate a simple magic trick. If you don’t have time to make it to the store, try this simple trick that many bloggers swear by. Using a few pennies in a glass of water, you can create the illusion of a bigger bug that will keep the smaller real bugs away. The copper even looks pretty glittering in the water. (via Making Lemonade Blog)

10. Offer traditional bug relief. The most basic to-do in the book is simple: drug-store bug spray. Make it available to visitors throughout the night by putting it out in a cute container presentation. (via Catch My Party)

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