Whether you’re headed to the beach or out the back door, hosting a bonfire party can turn a summer evening into a memorable occasion. Consider the following: No house to clean, minimal set-up and easy food prep. It all adds up to a relaxing evening with friends. Head outdoors, sit on a log, build a s’more and hang out with your pals near a blazing bonfire with these tips on how to do it right.

1. S’mores Invitations: No one looks forward to a mailbox full of advertisements and bills. Invite guests snail-mail style with an invitation that says it all. These DIY s’mores kits are sure to spark a festive greeting. (via Bright Settings)

2. Fire Pit ($998): When building a fire, always think safety first. If you have a fire pit, use it! If you are hosting your bonfire in an offbeat setting, like the woods or beach, be sure to clear an area and DIY a fire bed or ring.

3. Pine Cone Fire Starter: Forego the typical and make your bonfire extra special by lighting up sweetly scented pine cones. (via Design Sponge)

4. Firewood Tote: Show off your sewing skills, not to mention your good taste in fabric by whip-stitching a few of these log totes. Not only do they add charm to your party but those on woodpile duty will surely appreciate your crafty-ness. (via Whip Up)

5. Camp Stools: If you’re not outstretched on a beach blanket or if you’re not down with parking it on a stump or rock, try your hand at these old-fashioned tripod stools. (via Design Sponge)

6. Bug Repellent: Whether you make your own or purchase individual-sized insect repellents, guests will thank you for your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. (via Buzzfeed)

7. Blankets: Don’t get us wrong, bonfires are nice and toasty, but you can amp up the cozy factor even more by offering snuggly blankets for guests to cuddle on. (via Valley and Company)

8. Lanterns: Light the way for guests with an enchanting glow, using these easy-to-make tin can lanterns. (via Lowe’s)

9. Ombre Coasters: Branch out and make good use of a fallen tree limb by re-purposing it into functional coasters. (via Brit + Co.)

10. S’moretini: If you’ll be DIYing coasters, you might as well have something to set on them, right? Whip up this creative take on a campfire classic that leaves a ridiculously sweet taste on your lips. (via Brit + Co.)

11. Food Storage Bins: Because you’ll be outdoors, keep things from blowing away with decorative storage bins, plus they’re convenient for a hassle-free setup and tear-down. (via Valley and Company)

12. Telescoping Skewer: While you could fashion guests a skewer from nature by sharpening a stick, if you’re short on time and a pocket knife, pass around these telescoping skewers for guests to roast a dog or mallow on. (via Williams Sonoma)

13. Retro Style Picnic Cooler ($58): Keep drinks and food stylishly cold with a retro ice chest.

14. Green Chili Cheese Fries: Warming comfort food — cooked in a tin foil package, it’s never a bad idea. Have ingredients set out for each guest to create their own chili cheese fry foil combo. (via Buried Carrots)

15. Roasted Hot Dogs: A bonfire isn’t complete without a hot dog, slowly roasted over an open flame. Make those dogs really sizzle by offering a myriad of toppings for guests so they can dress them up to suit their taste. (via Examiner)

16. Popcorn: Get the party popping with the ultimate party food. Only this time it’s popped right over the fire. Be sure to include seasonings for everyone to personalize theirs. (via Food Network)

17. Bourbon Marshmallow S’mores: Everyone expects s’mores to show up to a bonfire but no one would expect these s’mores… all grown up with bacon on top. (via How Sweet It Is)

18. Coleman Campfire Tales App (Free): What’s a party without a little entertainment? Make guests huddle a little closer together and perhaps shudder with a very, scary story. Select the perfect story from this app… creepy sounds included!

Burning to share your hot bonfire tips? Fire it up in the comment below.