The newest kid on the sartorial selfie block? Wear Today, an app that houses as a daily diary of outfits, styles, brands, and connects you with fellow fashion-lovers. It’s sort of like an Instagram created specifically for fashion, clever filters and all!

First up, let’s talk about this closet. Wear Today automatically organizes what you wear, as you wear it. You can keep track of all the different times you’ve worn a particular dress, pair of shoes, or sweater. That way, if you know you want to wear that leopard print blouse, you can easily find other ways you’ve worn it as inspiration. How does it do this? Every time you snap a picture of an outfit, you tag each item you’re wearing. The app then catalogs each item in your closet. It’s like Cher Horowitz’s virtual closet in Clueless, but for real!

The smartest thing about this app? Including a Self-Timer option in camera mode. That’s right. Stand your iPhone right up on your dresser, press the self-timer button, and strike a pose. Of course, like all photo-sharing apps, you can also import photos from your library if you prefer.

Once you’ve got your photo selected, Wear Today makes it easy to consistently crop your photo each day so that all outfits are full-body and easy to browse. And, like pretty much every app that involves photos, this app is loaded with all sorts of filters making the most of even the lowest light situations. Once your outfit is all dialed in, share it! You can share it within the app, and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Sound familiar? Each of the elements of this app have existed in some form or another, but not in as clean and crisp of a way as Wear Today promises. Fashism was one of the outfit-sharing pioneers, and no longer exists. Stylebook offers the same closet organization tool, but doesn’t go for photos of you or of entire outfits. Rather, you upload photos of your clothes and can put together outfits within the app. On the other hand, Cloth is all about the outfit. This app lets you collect your outfits, share with friends, and organize them by category (i.e. cold weather, formal, vacation, rainy, etc) rather than by each clothing item.

All in all, we’re intrigued to try out Wear Today, but wonder if it’s too niche to be used on a daily basis for more than a month or so. You can request a beta invite here and be sure to follow @thebritmorin to see what our fashionable founder is rocking on the daily! ;)

What photo-sharing apps do use, besides Instagram and Facebook? Would you use Wear Today to organize your closet? Or to share your sense of style with fellow fashionistas? Talk to us in the comments below.