2014 led the way to some of the most beautiful celeb weddings yet. If you don’t have Kim + Kanye’s wedding budget (#jointheclub), we’ve got a best-kept wedding secret that will give you a big bang for your buck: flagging tape. Even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably seen it… ahem, on the side of the road. Flagging tape was once used for construction zones and surveying, but now is making its debut in weddings everywhere. We’re sharing 11 DIYs for incorporating this colorful and affordable must-have in your wedding.


1. Create an Environment: Look at those colors! Flagging tape is just the right complement to this rustic setting. What bride wouldn’t want to walk under this chic drapery? (via Dese’Rae L. Stage Photography)


2. Typeface: Make your guests do an about-face when they see stunning welded steel and florescent flagging tape dramatically draped from all points. The word choices are limitless. (via Local Social)


3. Visual Interest: Need to define a space? Try this color-infused technique. Look how well this design adds just the right amount of visual interest to this art deco venue. (via Megan Geckler Design)


4. Decorate the Dance Floor: We totally approve of these floor-to-ceiling sculptures. We can totally see everyone dancing into the night next to these beauties. (via Church Stage Design Ideas)


5. Backdrops: The cost for using ribbon to make a gorgeous backdrop like this would be astronomical. With flagging tape, it’s definitely in your budget. (via Amber Gress Photography)


6. Photo Booth Glam: This picture-perfect backdrop would be a great addition to any bride’s photo booth. Created by layering different colored flagging tapes, it’s totally customizable. (via Bekka Palmer)


7. Celebration Flags: Say “Au revoir” while guests wave these simple celebration flags decked in a strand of black and white flagging tape. (via Erika Lanye Photography)


8. Chair Swag: If you’re like us, then you know every detail counts, right down to the back of the chairs. (via LL Style Photo)


9. Dress It Up: Does your table decor need some sprucing up? Take a look at this DIY tutorial, and let your imagination run wild. (via Mirror80)


10. Tassels: What’s more festive than tassels? We would love to adorn every surface imaginable with this jewel-toned collection. (via Glitter Guide)


11. Table Runner: Look how effortlessly feminine this polka-dotted flagging tape is. Draped at different lengths, it makes a gorgeous table runner and the perfect complement to the delicate and romantic table setting. (via Amber Gress Photography)

Would you use flagging tape in your wedding? Let us know in the comment section below.