When it comes to what we think of the wedge-heeled sneaker, Brit + Co. is a team divided. While some of us appreciate the hidden height, others are firm believers that the only kind of pumps appropriate in a sneaker are those of the Reebock variety. What’s your stance? Take a look at these 17 sky high kicks and let us know what you think in the comments!

1. Gela Wedge Sneaker ($155): We’ll kick things off with the least offensive pair of hidden-wedge sneakers we could find. This unassuming high top could easily join in the footwear rotation with your Converse and Tom’s.

2. Helsinki Wedge Sneakers ($148): This pair of kicks has one of our absolute favorite shoe embellishments: studs! Neatly lined around the top and toe, the small studs add understated flair to these high tops.

3. adidas SLVR Hidden Wedge High-Top Sneaker ($185): While these bright red high tops are definitely more of a statement, their sleek design keeps things classy. Leave it to the folks as adidas to give us a stupendously streamlined sneaker.

4. MIA Flavor Snap Hidden Wedge High-Top Sneaker ($80): Oh snap! Large round snaps replace laces on these hidden wedge sneakers that come in three neutral colors (black—like you see here—as well as cream and beige). We love the mix of sporty and streetwear in this pair.

5. American Wedge Trainers ($130): Reach great heights with these blue leather high tops that combine the hidden wedge with a trendy platform. The result is one seriously fashion-forward shoe.

6. Steve Madden Zips Quilted Sneaker ($138): The bold details on these hidden-wedge sneakers are to die for. Quilted leather and two glaringly gold zippers makes this a go-to look for going out.

7. See By Chloe Wedge Sneaker ($385): We had to look twice to make sure this elegant-looking shoe was actually a sneaker. Its exaggerated upper and curving wedge heel make it look like one of the chicest lace-up boots we’ve ever seen. Definitely worth the super-splurge in our book.

8. Carlton Wedge Sneakers ($78): Who knew that mesh could look so marvelous? Especially when it’s paired with luxe-looking faux leather. Sheer panels transform this hidden-wedge sneaker into something a bit more formal.

9. Lucas Buckle High Top Black Sneakers ($250): A double dose of chunky buckles help these shiny hidden-wedge sneakers achieve rock star status. Side cutouts help to balance out their edgy look.

10. Padua Wedge Sneaker ($78): Graduated cutouts give this hidden-wedge high top a lighter feel. These would look insanely cute kicking out from underneath a black maxi skirt.

11. Sherpa Lined Wedge Sneakers ($398): Live in a part of the country where temperatures plummet past October? Beat Jack Frost in style with this cozy pair!

12. Nevan Low Wedge Sneakers ($199): A three inch wedge isn’t the only thing amping up this pair of kicks. A cap toe of spiky studs and crocodile-embossed leather straps sling around these fierce hidden-wedge sneakers.

13. Ash Bea Metallic Hidden Wedge High-Top Sneaker ($250): The queen of wedge sneakers gets a metallic makeover that we have to admit we’re in to. Grey suede plays down the intensity of the shimmery leather, making this pair an easy everyday wear.

14. Puma Sky Wedge ($90): Alright, things just got WAY sportier in this roundup! These sneakers are legit heeled-gym shoes. While these come in a variety of colors, we’re most smitten with the modest combination of baby blue and white.

15. Ash Themla Wedge Sneaker ($200): Ever wonder what it would look like if you slapped a wedge heel onto your Converse? Love it or hate it, this high top leaves little to the imagination.

16. adidas Tech Hidden Wedge High-Top Sneakers ($120): You know we just can’t get enough of chevron, but chevron hidden-wedge sneakers? Would you dare!?

17. Rodman Platform Sneaker ($222): With a silver snakeskin pattern, metallic reflecting trim, and a clear platform sole, these kicks are absolutely as outrageous as the basketball icon they’re named after. You have to be unapologetically in love with hidden-wedge sneakers to rock these bad boys.

So what’s the verdict with the hidden-wedge sneaker? Should we love it? Or should we shoe it away? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!