Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing all the prep to your freshly-washed hair prior to styling. Whatever the reason, whether mastering a blowout + an updo seems like it = too much work or maybe it’s just too darn hot outside (aaand you’d rather be putting your DIY efforts towards something a little more refreshing), know that there actually are ways to make your wet hair look as good as Beyoncé’s — and the styling is super easy. Just grab some metallic bobby pins to give a flashy finish to these three low-maintenance wet hair looks you can pull off in minutes. Lazy girls, scroll through to learn how to hack your damp ‘do!

Knotted Crown

1. Use a dry shampoo (like my newest obsession, Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $8) on towel-dried hair to give your roots a little extra volume and texture.

2. Lift your roots with your fingertips to blend the product in.

3. Take a small section of hair on one side of your head and twist it.

4. Then twist that piece up into a knotted section.

5. Use two metallic bobby pins to cross pin the knots in place.

6. Pick up another section and do the same moves. If the hair is too long, pin it half way through.

7. Continue doing this all the way around your head.

This style would work wonders for second-day hair, too!

Metallic Braid Band

1. Pick up a small section of hair from one side of your head and braid holding the hair away from your face.

2. Place an elastic at the end just to hold the braid in place — you will be removing it later.

3. Pull braid apart for a more relaxed, full look.

4. Repeat on the other side.

5. Weave in a bobby pin into each section of the braided strand.

6. Repeat on the other side and when you get to the center of the back of your head, remove the elastics from each braided strand.

Bobby pins are the new headband — you heard it here first!

Side Twists + Chevron Pins

1. Give yourself a heavy side part for a dramatic look.

2. You are going to ultimately piece your hair into three sections, so start with a third of your hair that’s the section closest to your face.

3. Now twist up that section, curl it into a bun and use a few bobby pins to secure. It’s okay if the pins show!

4. Continue onto the second section and repeat that same step.

5. Then twist up + pin the third and final section.

6. On the other side of your head, use six bobby pins to create a chevron pattern — FYI this is a purely decorative design.

7. Use the end of a rat tail comb to lift the top section of hair up and away from your face for more volume.

8. Go back through the three twisted sections and randomly place in pins to break up the sections and give it a more playful look.

We can’t think of a more perfect updo for beach-bound nuptials!

How do you style your hair when you’ve got no time to get it dry? Tell us about your go-to wet hair hacks in the comments below.