Get your swimsuit ready, we’re taking you to Hawaii! Okay, not really, but this roundup of tropical Mai Tai drinks will have you feeling like you’re sitting on a beach somewhere. The original Mai Tai combines rum with lime, triple sec, orgeat, and rock candy syrup. Delicious, yes, but we’ve found some tasty twists on that classic like adding blueberries, passionfruit and watermelon. Say aloha to these 11 better-than-the-original recipes!

1. Mango Mai Tai: Add a bit of fresh mango puree to sweeten up this Mai Tai. (via Best Of Hawaii)

2. Murderous Mai Tai: A dangerously delicious mix of Sailor Jerry rum, fruit juice, and grenadine gives this cocktail a sweet taste and killer appearance! (via Tattooed Martha)

3. Orange Liquor Cocktail: Yum = a boozy Mai Tai with pineapple and lime. (via Pastry Affair)

4. Passionfruit Tequila: This is a great tropical drink with sweet and sour fruit and the extra zest of tequila. (via Science of Drink)

5. Watermelon Mai Tai: Easy and refreshing, this pretty cocktail may become your go-to summer drink. (via The Food Network)

6. Blueberry Mai Tai: Blueberries add a colorful tartness to this classic cocktail. (via Yummly)

7. Sunset Mai Tai: It’s the addition of grenadine that gives this drink an amazing color gradient (as long as you pour gently!). (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

8. Bolo Tai: This recipe uses bourbon for a mellow and delicate finish. (via Creative Culinary)

9. Keep It Classic: This iconic tiki drink is meant to highlight the rum, rather than the syrups and juices. (via Honestly Yum)

10. Bitter Mai Tai: For this Mai Tai variation, use spicy high-proof Angostura in place of rum. (via Punch)

11. Mai Tai With Blood Orange and Coconut Rum: The tartness of blood orange is complimented by coconut rum and we give it two drink umbrellas up. (via Phoo-d)

Will you be trying any of these tropical cocktails? Let us know in the comments below!