Donald Trump鈥檚 behavior in recent days has had people freaking out. Now, the continuing allegations that are coming out against the Republican presidential candidate are becoming more common and more disturbing. The fact that he walked in on underage girls changing (and bragged about it) and now has been accused outright of sexual assault is more disturbing than one can possibly express. Though Michelle Obama, eloquent as always, did her best, and you need to hear what she had to say.

Michelle Obama

During her speech at an event for Hillary Clinton in Manchester, New Hampshire, Michelle Obama discussed the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump. Things got very emotional, and the First Lady revealed this situation has 鈥渟haken me to my core.鈥

鈥淟ast week, we saw this candidate actually bragging about sexually assaulting women,鈥 she said, continuing, 鈥淎nd I can鈥檛 believe that I鈥檓 saying that a candidate for President of the United States has bragged about sexually assaulting women. And I have to tell you that I can鈥檛 stop thinking about this. It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn鈥檛 have predicted.鈥

Donald Trump

She went on to say, 鈥淚 feel it so personally. And I鈥檓 sure that many of you do too.鈥 And nailed it with, 鈥淚t鈥檚 like that sick sinking feeling you get when you鈥檙e walking down the street minding your own business. Some guy yells out vulgar words about your body. Or when you see that guy at work that stands just a little too close, stares just a little too long, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It鈥檚 that feeling of terror and violation that too many women have felt when someone has grabbed them or forced himself on them and they鈥檝e said no but he didn鈥檛 listen.鈥

Then blatantly stated, 鈥淭his is disgraceful. It is intolerable. Doesn鈥檛 matter what party you belong to. No woman deserves to be treated this way. No one deserves this kind of abuse. I know it鈥檚 a campaign, but this isn鈥檛 about politics. It鈥檚 about basic human decency. It鈥檚 about right and wrong.鈥

Be sure to watch the entire thing for yourself. You won鈥檛 regret it. (Her speech starts around the 24:30 mark.)

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