According to the funds being passed around Venmo, researchers at Quartz pinpointed what we’re all spending our money on. Quartz says the app processed $700 million in transactions during the last quarter of 2014. And we can proudly say it came down to pizza, wine and beer. We know that we personally love sharing booze and pizza, so it makes sense.

This data comes with two caveats. This information is most likely representing the spending habits of millennials, since the 30 and under crowd is the apps’ biggest user base. Another catch is this survey only includes public transactions. Venmo is the Facebook of our transaction history where we choose what to hide, what to share and when it’s best to untag ourselves and pretend we were never there. What we’re all doing with our private spending habits could look like a much different story altogether.

No doubt, some of us are paying rent or mortgages for our homes. But apparently not nearly as often as we kissy face, dance in red dresses and show love with our emoji hearts.

Are you on Venemo? What do you spend money on the most? Let us know in the comments below!