A wedding day is full of timelines and to-dosand it鈥檚 supposed to be the *best* day of your life. So it鈥檚 even more crucial that the morning of your nuptials is relaxing and serene, despite having to stick to a strict schedule. Meghann Miniello designed this shoot (captured by the amazing Brooke Borough Photography) to show brides how the beginning of the day can be planned out to accomplish both goals. We know there鈥檚 a lot to remember, but these morning-of tips should help you seamlessly navigate your special day.


1. Take your time. Give yourself a healthy window to get ready before the ceremony. That means don鈥檛 be afraid to pad the schedule; so if your hairstylist says it鈥檒l take an hour to do your 鈥榙o, allot an hour and a half.


2. Set the scene. Not only will seeing flowers give you a mood boost, but they鈥檒l make the getting-ready pics that much more colorful. Meghann says, 鈥淔lorals were kept minimal (if you can鈥檛 take them with you, who wants to waste such beauty!?), but packed a huge punch with one gorgeous arrangement that could be seen from multiple angles and thus could be photographed in a couple different areas of our bridal suite, perfect for a hotel room or an Airbnb that you鈥檒l be enjoying for a few days. Caitlyn of Fleur de Rye also brought some greenery and extras for the bride鈥檚 hair and flower girls, and to spruce up some dark corners of the room.鈥


3. Hang your dress. If you traveled with your gown, make sure it has plenty of time to regain its shape. Hang it up and have your bridesmaids steam it if necessary, and then make sure it鈥檚 out of the way.


4. Wear something pretty. This bride chose a beautiful lace robe that was both comfortable and photographed beautifully.

5. Have your hair and makeup done. Meghann advises: 鈥淓ven if you鈥檙e away from home, and it鈥檚 just you and your love鈥 hair and makeup are a must. Not only will you feel radiant and take pictures like a pro, but you can just sit back and enjoy your day sipping mimosas. Jacklyn Oram of Hair by Jacklyn is the sweetest and created an utterly gorgeous, loose boho style that will last through the day and night. Kasey Russell Makeup highlighted the bride鈥檚 natural beauty without her feeling too done-up for an intimate beach ceremony. The bride also opted for semi-permanent false lashes by Darling Lash Studio, to last through the honeymoon.鈥


6. Serve up cocktails. While having your hair and makeup done, it鈥檚 practically obligatory to have a cocktail in hand. Serve up refreshing mimosas that are both delicious and sure to calm any day-of jitters. Just remember to drink plenty of water too!


7. Don鈥檛 forget to eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when it comes to your wedding, it鈥檚 even more vital. You鈥檒l need all the energy you can get! Meghann agrees, saying, 鈥淵ou mustn鈥檛 forget to eat on your big day, so we called in a local chef to whip up a healthy, low-bloat brunch to enjoy as you prepare for the day鈥檚 events, or with your hubs to be. Liza Saragosa made our mouths water with her colorful and vitamin-packed spread.鈥

8. Designate jobs. Give bridesmaids or family members small tasks so you don鈥檛 have to fret over them later. From cleaning up the suite after you leave for the wedding to holding onto your bridal emergency kit, really have your bridal party help you on your wedding day.


9. Snap plenty of photos with your bridal party. Take full advantage of this time by taking pics with everyone and giving them your attention. Try to focus on appreciating your guests, because once the ceremony begins, you may not have much time the rest of the day.

10. Exchange gifts. Meghann says: 鈥淟ast but not least, your wedding day wouldn鈥檛 be complete without a few little gifts. The groom wrote our bride a sweet card and gifted her a bracelet to match the necklace she chose. (Someone might want to remind the groom about this tradition.) And the bride received some fresh pineapple from the ladies in her life. Our bride gifted her groom natural grooming products made by Urb Apothecary and a handy all-in-one surf/man tool by Ventana Surfboards.鈥


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Photography: Brooke Borough

Styling & Stationery: Meghann聽Miniello

Floral Design: Fleur De Rye

Hair: Hair By Jacklyn

Makeup: Kasey Russel Beauty

Lashes: Darling Lash Studio

Brunch: Liza Saragosa

Groom鈥檚 Gift: Urb Apothecary & Ventana Surfboards

Styling Inspiration: Beijos Events e Celebrate

Dresses: Jen鈥檚 Pirate Booty

Jewelry: Helping Jewels

Model: Megan聽Kennedy聽Cameron