Family holiday parties can be awkward: You’re dealing with potential out-of-left-field remarks from your one outspoken relative, you’re surrounded by lots of ugly Christmas sweaters and you just can’t remember your cousin’s girlfriend’s name for the life of you. That tension can be hard to break (we try with the wine, we fail with the inevitable hangover), but a guaranteed goofy way of keeping things lighthearted is a good old-fashioned game of Yankee Swap — AKA White Elephant. The goal here is to find the weirdest ways to make your family laugh while getting them something thats still sort of cool and to avert attention from the grumblings over no open oven space, and these 40 White Elephant gifts are all but guaranteed to have them rolling on the floor. Scroll through for our list of the perfectly wacky White Elephant gifts to give every member of your family.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Mom

balance vase set

1. Hallgeir Homstvedt Balance Vase Set ($169): You look up to your mom for balancing everything. Show her love by helping her balance some poinsettias on the mantel.

the handbag raincoat

2. The Handbag Raincoat ($25): She’ll look goofy, but she will absolutely use it all the time (perfect for rainy grocery store trips).

wine pearls

3. Uncommon Goods Wine Pearls ($25): Keep that vino chilled without watering it down.

edge brownie pan

4. Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan ($36): Lets face it — the corners are the best part! This pan knows what’s up.

3d chandelier air freshener

5. Perpetual Kid 3D Chandelier Air Freshener ($4): Turn that minivan into a mini ballroom.

50 shades of bacon cookbook

6. 50 Shades of Bacon Cookbook by Benjamin Myhre ($12): Combine your mom’s favorite book (which you really hate to admit) with your love of bacon (which you aren’t afraid to admit, because, duh, bacon is amazing).

bad ass bitches candle

7. Bad Ass Candles Bad Ass Bitch Candle ($18): Give props to your mom by letting her know she’s your original Girl Boss.

spillproof ipad keyboard

8. Logitech Spillproof iPad Keyboard ($70): Now moms everywhere can Facebook and wine safely.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Dad

campfire cologne

1. Antler & Co. Campfire Cologne ($13): How dad can smell like summer bonfires all year long.

anti theft moldy sandwich bag

2. BigMouth Inc Anti-Theft Moldy Sandwich Bag ($6): For office gross outs/gags and the ultimate sandwich protection.

band aid car magnet

3. BigMouth Inc Band-Aid Car Magnet ($7): Even fender benders should have a sense of humor.

self stirring mug

4. Light in the Box Stainless Steel Self Stirring Mug ($10): For the dad on the go who has no time for silly spoons.

neighbors doormat

5. American Design Club Neighbors Doormat ($50) This doormat makes the dad joke so your dad won’t have to.

nfl socks

6. Freaker NFL Socks ($20): Your dad’s team pride shouldn’t have to stop at t-shirts.

ipad tv stand

7. Uncommon Goods Cardboard iPad TV Stand ($30): This is the magic that can happen when Millenial technology dresses up as a retro TV set.

big bad book of bill murray

8. The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg ($23): Let’s face it — even your dad wishes Bill Murray was his dad.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Brother

fixie bike pizza cutter

1. Doly Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter ($23): Handlebar mustache and messenger bag not included.

DIY ukulele kit

2. Urban Outfitters DIY Ukulele Kit ($46): Encourage craftiness and some sweet tunes with this kit (just no smashing, because mom would get soooooo mad).

warp pipe mug

3. Think Geek Warp Pipe Mug ($20): Take every cup of joe up a level.

stainless steel tall boys

4. MiiR Bottles Stainless Steel Tall Boys ($20): These tallboys aren’t just a grown-up college throwback, but will be crazy useful during a weekend camping getaway.

the "i don't know how to cook" book

5. The “I Don’t Know How to Cook” Book by Mary-Lane Kamberg ($17): With this handy book, there will be no excuse for nightly frozen pizzas.


6. DODO Case Pop-Up Virtual Reality Viewer ($20): As kids, virtual reality seemed like the most crazy cool science stuff we can imagine. Even in the age of smartphones, you can still live out that childhood magic (through cardboard, no less).

"star wars" jedi poncho

7. ASOS “Star Wars” Jedi Poncho ($11): For the rainy day Jedi in all of us. The (wind) force is strong with this one.

nose aerobics basketball game

8. Play Visions Nose Aerobics Basketball Game ($9): Cup and ball: The hipster edition.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Sister


1. Moss Love Unicorn Terrarium ($38): Every girl wants a unicorn when they are little. Grown ass ladies should be able to live that dream, too!

EW! mug

2. Perks of Aurora EW! Mug ($16): Ew! For coffee so good you won’t want to share it with Sarah (that’s Sarah with an H).


3. Ryan Porter 90’s Pin Pack ($7): Rock your love of the SNICK era on your sleeve (or your jean jacket).

girls night t-shirt

4. Social Decay Girls Night T-Shirt ($56): Buy this for your sis now, steal it from her after said girls night (which hopefully won’t include Coors Light).

cat headphones

5. Skinnydip X Zara Martin Kitty Headphones ($40): For the cat-loving sis who likes to represent her feline love (or who’s just super into Ariana Grande).

BFF pizza necklaces

6. Sucre Sucre Miniatures BFF Pizza Necklaces ($12): Share a slice (and some love) with your O.G. bestie.

custom mixtape pillow

7. Finch and Cotter Custom Mixtape Pillows ($35): Commemorate your favorite sisterly jams with this crazy cozy pillow!

sriracha to go bottle keychain

8. Sriracha To-Go Bottle Keychain ($8): Not every restaurant has Sriracha, and a girl has to be prepared.

White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

wine glass holder necklace

1. Oenophilia Wine Glass Holder Necklace ($8): Your grandma will never lose track of her merlot at a family party again.

corgi plush pillow

2. Plus One Plush Corgi Pillow ($31): Getting a dog for your grandparents: kind of a burden. Getting them this big ole Corgi pillow: an adorable addition to the couch (that doesn’t need to go for walks!).

glam on wire clothespin

3. Glam on Wire Clothespins ($9): Laundry is a balancing act, and these show-stoppers are here to help.

one trip grocery bag holder

4. Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder ($9): Trips to the grocery store just got a lot less painful (literally and figuratively).


5. Emojish Custom Emoji Print + Digital Download ($75): Now you can FINALLY create your own emojis! Soon, your grandparents’ walls will quickly be filled with custom emoji portraits of your whole family.

fingerboad miniature golf game

6. Fingerboard Games Miniature Golf ($8): Turn any coffee table or desk into a golf course.

talk dock

7. Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset ($36): Chat with your GPs like the old days without getting a landline.

unicorn horn

8. Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn ($12): Warning: once you give it to them, your grandparents will totally make you wear it for the remainder of the family party.

What kind of weird stuff do you plan on getting for your fam? Share your WE gift ideas in the comments!