Between being a newlywed, running her own website, designing for her clothing line Whitney Eve and being an all-around #girlboss, Whitney Port still manages to find time to hang out with the most important people in her life: her besties. We all know that keeping in touch with your BFFs is super important. If not the *easiest* thing for a busy person to do. Whitney stopped by the Brit + Co office in NYC to chat about the benefits of spending time with your besties. Also, we got her to play a game of Creative Mad Libs with us ;)


Get this 鈥 according to a recent survey by Palm Breeze, 69 percent of women consider their girlfriends the most important people in their lives and a whopping 73 percent feel happier (65 percent reported feeling less stressed!) when they get to spend time with their BFFs. Whitney鈥檚 secret to fitting in friend time is one that you鈥檙e either going to steal or you鈥檙e already doing it: Food.


鈥淢y friends and bunch of family members started this club around Ina Garten鈥檚 cookbooks where everyone gets assigned a dish,鈥 Whitney tells us. 鈥淥ne person will do an appetizer, one person an entree, one person a dessert and we鈥檒l all bring it to someone鈥檚 house. That鈥檚 a really good way for everyone to up their cooking skills and learn a lot. It鈥檚 also just something fun to do when we together so you鈥檙e not just鈥 you know, going to dinner.鈥 That鈥檚 certainly a *delicious* way to fill our your social calendar.


Whitney + friends also have appointment viewing鈥 around The Bachelor. 鈥淲e did do Bachelor Mondays where a bunch of us got together,鈥 Whitney told us. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really about that set time where you guys can get together and kind of just de-stress and hang out and vent about what鈥檚 going on in your week.鈥


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(Photos via Victoria Haas/Brit + Co)