A gorgeous wedding gives you聽the perfect聽amount of inspiration鈥 and aspiration. When聽The City聽alum聽Whitney Port married Tim Rosenman, (or Timmy, as she affectionately calls him 鈥 cuuuute), in a stunning Palm Springs wedding just last November, blogs and Pinterest were聽blowing up with the gorg *unexpected* details.聽The creative newlywed聽recently聽sat down with us (read more of our Whitney Port聽interview here!) about the traditions she said no to and her biggest wedding regret. Get your Pinterest boards and wedding planners ready.


1.聽Skipped a traditional bridal party: While some traditions are a nice homage to the past, you can do whatever YOU want for your big day. For Whitney, a traditional uniform look for聽the聽bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen outfits was not one to keep. 鈥淚 think having all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing the same thing [is a tradition that] should be broken,鈥 Whitney shared with us. For her own ceremony, Whitney chose to forgo a bridal party entirely. Given how expensive being a bridesmaid can be, that鈥檚 a broken tradition your BFFs might actually not mind.

She didn鈥檛 leave them entirely out though: While Whitney didn鈥檛 have bridesmaids standing beside her for her ceremony, her BFFs and sisters were still around聽to help her out pre-wedding (and at her TWO bachelorette parties!). To thank them, Whitney designed some gorg robes ($83) and had their names embroidered on them.

2. Made it personal:聽Getting married by someone you actually know can be a really nice touch.聽You know that it comes from the heart. 鈥淲e actually had my sister鈥檚 fianc茅e marry us, and it was so touching because it was someone who actually knew us,鈥 Whitney said.

3. Had an聽unconventional rehearsal dinner:聽Who said rehearsal dinners have to be all seated and filled with speeches? For Whitney鈥檚 wedding, she chose to string up her bowling shoes instead. 鈥淚 did a fun rehearsal where we did like a bowling party,鈥 she told us. 鈥淲e rented out a bowling alley so it was just something a little bit non-traditional.鈥

4. Ditched the seating chart:聽鈥淲e had a bunch of different areas where we had our favorite foods stationed all over,鈥 Whitney said. 鈥淭here were a bunch of lounge areas around, so you didn鈥檛 have to sit anywhere; you weren鈥檛 bound to have a conversation with people, so it was fluid.鈥


5.聽Asked (or wishes she asked)聽the聽photog for outtakes:聽Here鈥檚 one you might never think of asking until it鈥檚 too late. 鈥淢ake sure, when you are working with the photographer, to get all the pictures that they took and not just some of them. It鈥檚 important 鈥檆ause you wanna see all of those,鈥澛爏aid Whitney, 鈥渓ike an ugly candid with someone making like a weird face on the dance floor, or you making a weird face on the dance floor. You wanna see all those moments, not just the pretty posed things. It鈥檚 those that really make it special.鈥

6.聽Kept her rings on-trend yet classic:聽According to Whitney, rose gold is super hot right now.聽鈥淚 honestly think that rose gold wasn鈥檛 a thing 鈥檛il聽last year or so,鈥 Whitney says. 鈥淚 feel like a lot of girls are wanting rose gold right now.鈥 And while it鈥檚 a popular trend at the moment, it鈥檒l always be chic. She also gave her predictions for engagement ring trends (that will always be a standard) for 2017. 鈥淲hat I鈥檓 seeing a lot of is single stones with nothing else. Like single stones with gold plating on it and a gold band. [People are] going for something a bit more simple or traditional,鈥 she tells us. 鈥淢ixing rose gold with platinum [is another one]. I have my rose gold engagement ring and then my platinum engagement band.鈥

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(Photos via Hannah Costello)