For those of us who wear makeup, we’re always looking for the next “It” thing. Whether it’s a lip kit or a rainbow highlighter, beauty lovers always want in at first blush. Makeup application, however, hasn’t changed that much in the last few years, with beauty blenders being the biggest thing recently. At the end of the day, however, beauty blenders are still just porous sponges and aren’t essentially all that different than what we’ve used in the past. But thanks to some internet sleuthing, we may have the next beauty trend already available.


The SiliSponge claims to be made out of silicone, and because it’s a non-porous surface, the goal is that the applicator allows you to put all your product onto your skin and it will not suck up your makeup. While you’re probably thinking it looks like one of those cutlet bra enhancers (we do, too!), website Molly Cosmetics says that the applicator is ideal not just for it’s ability to apply product directly to the skin, but that it’s so easy to clean, you can stop buying disposable blenders, as even a makeup artist can clean it between clients.

While we’re not entirely sure that this product would be the best for daily use (the videos the company shares shows a lot of product going in and they still recommend finishing your face with a brush or sponge), we’re for sure curious about it. Some have noted that if it were truly 100-percent silicone, it wouldn’t be as clear as it is, but the company says the product is filled with silicone and lined with a plastic/silicone hybrid called TPU, which should make it last a very long time. With a price tag of around $10, this might be something fun to try if you’re looking for a different makeup application option.

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