Just because you dress like a #GirlBoss doesn’t mean you have the office to prove it. Many of us working folk spend our 9 to 5 sitting at a less-than-glamorous cubicle, or worse, cooped up in a dreaded basement office. If your workspace is windowless, it may be time to petition for that office with a view. Normally, offices with large windows are given to CEOs and VPs. But thanks to a recent study, that’s all about to change… at least we hope.

We all know that sun exposure is crucial to your health. Aside from vitamin D, the sun benefits our minds, bodies and souls. Architectural scholar at the University of Illinois Mohamed Boubekri is leading a study that could get you that corner office. His recent research suggests that employers should give employees equal opportunity to work in rooms with natural sunlight. The study compared people who were exposed to natural light in their workplace with those who aren’t. Those who sat near windows scored better on a health surveys, sleeping an average of 46 minutes more per night. Based on his findings, Boubekri thinks that workers who get more daylight at the office have more energy on their off time. They sleep better, they’re more active and have higher quality-of-life ratings.

Being an architect, Boubekri wants to take his study further and tell designers about the importance of creating well-lit buildings. Just because we have access to artificial light doesn’t mean we should be using it in a space that we spend so much time in.

We love that Boubekri is designing so thoughtfully, keeping public health at the forefront of his efforts. And who wouldn’t be excited about that? Brighter office + more sleep = a happy you.

Do you work in a windowless office and feel like it’s affecting your sleep? Sound off in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Company)