There’s nothing worse than an ultra-bland cubicle desk. It’s painful on the eyes, but more importantly, it can put a serious stop to a successful workday. If you’re looking to rejuvenate that desktop, here are some games, gadgets and accessories good for your brain and productivity.

1. Tetris Lamp ($45): Arrange these pieces in any formation you like best. Once all seven pieces are connected watch the lamp light up and cast a rainbow hue across the office.

2. Equation Geek Clock ($30): Numbered clocks are so grade school. With this fun time piece each numerical hour of the day is spelled out with a different mathematical notation. Pair the hour and minute hand for a never-ending math lesson!

3. Walnut Bookend Lamp ($119): It never hurts to have an industrial Edison light bulb handy when your next genius idea strikes.

4. Constellation Mug ($13): Use this mug to brush up on your constellations before your next outdoor adventure. As your hot coffee heats the mug, starry figures will appear.

5. On This Day Calendar ($15): Learn something new that happened on every day of the year with this colorful calendar.

6. Ball of Whacks ($25): This clever and versatile puzzle consists of 30 heavy-duty magnetic pyramids that can be taken apart and rearranged into endless shapes and designs.

7. Sign Language Letterpress Art Print ($15): When you’re staring off into space, try to stare this way. Maybe you’ll subconsciously pick up a new language.

8. Dont F***ing Procrastinate Mug ($14): Just because sometimes you really need a reminder.

9. Real Life Pinterest Board: Things don’t always have to be virtual. Create tangible, multi-colored boards for some easy-on-the-eyes inspiration. (via Brit + Co)

10. LEGO Puzzle Calendar ($13): You’re never too old for LEGOs. Rebuild the blocks to change the dates for each month.

11. Bubble Wrap Calendar ($20): There’s something so weirdly rewarding about popping bubble wrap. Grab this cool calendar if you need some motivation to get to work in the morning.

12. Buck Stacking Game ($44): Spice up the morning meeting with a game. Play by mounting as many antlers as possible on top of this buck’s already majestic headwear. Try to pile all 30 pieces before the stack tumbles.

13. Chalkboard Wall Planter ($145): Jot down ideas next to rosemary, and to-do’s next to thyme.

14. Hully Work & Relax Armchair (Price Upon Request): Sometimes all you need is a little alone time to get work done. This bright duo can be two matching chairs or one can be flipped to create your own private nook.

15. Optimistic Office Clock ($8): Here’s a clock that knows the only two hours you really care about.

16. Under Desk Foot Hammock ($30): If you’re starting to regret those stilettos, hook this baby up and bring a little slice of paradise to your desk.

17. Desktop Wood Sling Shot ($29): Ward off any unwanted visitors with this walnut wood slingshot. If you’d like to make sure nobody in the office swipes your weapon you can even get your initials engraved in the base.

18. Pocket Pouch Prism ($30): These wooden, magnetic building blocks stimulate the parietal lobe and spatial centers of the brain. Use this little gadget whenever you need a little bit of inspiration.

19. Geometric Mini Planters ($45): When strategically placed, having plants in the office can raise alertness by 70%. They also reduce fatigue by 30% and headaches by 20%. What better way to add some greenery to the office than with these colorful, low maintenance succulents?

20. Cubebot ($8): Dug yourself into a serious creative rut? Grab one of these guys and transform him from a cube to a planet-saving robot to get those juices flowing.

Do you have any tricks to get your brain going at work? Share your tips with us!