We all know how important sunlight is to our health. Not only is it a therapeutic source for vitamin D, but it also puts us in a happy mood. Those of us that don’t live in the South of France, the Greek Isles or Jamaica do not have the luxury of soaking up that gorgeous sunlight day after day. That’s why the folks over at CoeLux thought of the super bright idea (pun intended) to allow anyone, anywhere to experience tropical sunlight at any time. Now you can sing, “I’ve got sunshineeee on a cloudy dayyyy,” and mean it.

Using faux windows combined with nanoparticle technology and a full-spectrum LED system, CoeLux mimics the way real sun reflects through standard glass. The crazy part is that this is not at all similar to a lightbulb or fixture on a ceiling. This awesome light shines on an angle so that it seems like it’s outside.

The CoeLux comes in three different styles that reflect at different angles, depending on which part of the world you want to simulate: CoeLux60 reflects the light at a 60 degree angle as if you were in the tropics, CoeLux45 provides faux sunlight that simulates the Mediterranean and CoeLux40 gives off a soft light often found in Scandinavia.

Think about all of the possibilities the CoeLux could provide. Aside from the fact that it could be an awesome feature in your home (pretend you’re in Alaska and have a 24-day of sunlight!), it could also brighten up dark basements or even subway systems. Who can say no to tropical sunlight on a rainy day?!

Where would you put a CoeLux? Sound off in the comments!

(h/t: Springwise)