Pairing foods with wine can seem intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. While cooking with wine (especially for the holidays) is pretty easy, splurging on a nice bottle for sipping requires some knowledge of flavor profiles and how various tastes and textures work together. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find someone to do that work for you. In this infographic, wine specialist Alice Feiring reveals the best pairings for one of our favorite foods: CAKE! (And if you’re REALLY adventurous, try pairing wine with Girl Scout Cookies too.)


Wine (and cake) lovers everywhere, rejoice! Now you can easily pair a complementary, delicious vino with whatever cake you may be serving. A few of our favorites on this list include fluffy coconut cake paired with a light, effervescent bubbly (which you can get cheap at Trader Joe’s), and lemon poppyseed cake with a sweet vermouth. Warm cardamom cake with pear cider is PERFECT for the holidays too. And by contrast, a savory cheesecake with a deep red wine sounds enormously intriguing. Wine and cake tasting, anyone?

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(Image via The LuxPad)