Once you’ve poured yourself a glass (or two) of wine from your favorite bottle, we assume the last thing on your mind is what to do with the cork. But next time you pop some bubbly or uncork a robust red, stash the corks somewhere safe. The reason? DIY projects, of course! Whether you’ve got one on hand or a full-blown cork collection, get inspired by these 20 quirky ways to use wine corks.

1. Framed Corkboard: A brightly painted filigree frame adds a cheery pop of color to this elegant corkboard. Arranging the corks in a chevron pattern? Genius! (via Suze Geeks Out)

2. Decorative Cork Ball: This quirky cork accent piece is really all that. Turn several small ones into a modern mobile, matching ornaments, or forgo the string and set it on a bookshelf or desk. (via Archaichocolate)

3. Decorative Cork Serving Tray: This monogrammed cork tray is super high-class. While it may not be flat enough to serve your guests by the glass, try using it as a surface for platters of small bites like cheese, bread, and olives. (via I Love To Create)

4. Beaded Cork Ring: When sliced into a thin circle, cork is such a versatile canvas for jewelry. Put a bead on it like this blogger, or even take inspiration from our painted color block cork clocks! (via ByCrina)

5. Cork Keychain: Here’s a hack we can get behind! All it takes is two small pieces of hardware to turn a cork into a floatable keychain. (via Morning Creativity)

6. Cork Stamps: Not only can you easily carve a cork end into basic stamp shapes, but you can also do the same to pencil erasers, root vegetables, and even use scraps of denim as stamps. Why would you ever buy a stamp again? (via Free People Blog)

7. Succulent Cork Starts: We love the idea of using hollowed out corks as plant starts, especially for plump succulents that are super easy to take care of. These little guys are perfect for apartment living or to pass out as spring-time party favors! (via Dutch Plum)

8. Ombre Cork Heart Wall Art: This wall art is really winning us over. A pretty pink ombre fade and inspirational quote make it a worthy addition to our list of 100 faves. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

9. Cork Name Tags: Definitely try out this DIY at your next dinner party. Turn corks into name tags for formal plated meals, or use them as stands for labeling hors d’ouvres at a cocktail reception. (via Morning Creativity)

10. Cork Canapes Knives: Here’s another amazing way to impress your entire dinner party using wine corks unconventionally. Guests will be grabbing at these cork-handled canapes knives to slather everything from spreads and dips to soft cheeses. (via Yarni Gras!)

11. Cork Marquee Letter: We’re totally taken with all things type, from statement sweaters to glowing marquees. So it’s no surprise we’re enchanted by this way to display your initials. (via A Smith of All Trades)

12. Cork Napkin Rings: Slivers of cork are threaded through elastic cord to make these rustic napkin rings. Once all of your napkins are strung, try setting them in an open picnic basket to give your table setting some shabby-chic flair. (via The Brass Paperclip Project)

13. Cork Magnets: Drill it, glue it, stick it—on the fridge, that is! :) This DIY basic is perfect way to keep track of your favorite bottles. (via Lot 18 Blog)

14. A New-Old Corkboard: Warning: once you see the sleek simplicity of this modern cork board, you’ll be tossing your store boughts immediately. It’s a great detail to incorporate on a kitchen or cubicle wall. (via The 3 R’s Blog)

15. Cork Snake Toy: How delightful is this slithering snake toy? Just string a piece of red thread through sliced cork to make. Be sure to leave some extra thread for the tongue! (via Domestic Candy)

16. Cork Chandelier: This cork chandelier seems like something straight out of an upcycler’s dream. An old fan grate provides the frame for cork to be strung in dainty tiers. You’ll need approximately 60-100 corks for this project, so don’t forget to invite us to your next wine tasting party! ;) (via Mox & Fodder)

17. Cork Tile Placemat: Wine-stained cork ends add tons of character to this meandering placemat. We might just make this corky cushion for our next event at Brit HQ! (via Creme de la Craft)

18. Cork Pendants: This blogger shows three stunning ways to use cork as a stylish accessory. We love this collaged brooch best of all, but which would you rock? (via U Create)

19. Cork Pincushion: Need a place to stash your sewing needles? Stick ‘em in a cork! While this concept is nothing terribly new, these whimsical designs elevate this duo to something playful and inspirational. (via Alessia Scrap & Craft)

20. Cork Bath Mat: Give your feet a little massage whenever you step on this textured bath mat. Not only is it totally comfy and chic, but it’s also insanely practical since cork is waterproof. (via Craftynest)

What’s the quirkiest way you’ve used a wine cork? Tell us about your DIY projects in the comments below!