While fall style staples like plaid, leather, and boots reliably return year after year, it’s those completely unexpected trends that keep us excited about style. Case in point – graphic sweaters! We’re used to graphic tees, and even graphic blouses, but these playful pullovers are new to our style game. We started tackling this trend by making our own needle felt sweater, and now we’re serving up 25 awesome graphic sweaters that you can buy. They seem to be falling in to three categories this year—adorable animals, trendy typography, and daringly giant designs. We picked our favorites in each, and can’t wait to hear which is your favorite of the three styles!

1. Stag Sweater ($88): This stag sweater is sure to make any outfit look simply dashing. The mix of this mighty print with a playful polka dot button down is a definite style win!

2. Top Dog Pullover ($98): We’re in puppy love with this pullover! Simple stripes elevate the cutesy graphic to make the top appropriate for more refined style sensibilities.

3. Foxy Geek Sweater ($44): Besides being completely adorable, we’re digging this sweaters playful imagery. Plus, we take “foxy geek” as a compliment, thank you!

4. Fox Sweater ($96): If you’re looking for something a little less cartoony, try this frolicking fox sweater on for size. The orange foxes totally pop against the deep hunter green wilderness.

5. Leopard Face Sweater ($96): This casual sweater has got it going on thanks to this inquisitive-faced leopard. The “hand-drawn” graphic is a refreshing and amazingly artsy take on traditional leopard print.

6. Cat Intarsia Sweater ($284): The almost abstract face of this classy kitten drew us to this sweater. Its minimalist design make it easily compatible with prints and plains alike.

7. Knitted Sweater with Bird Intarsia ($203): You know anything is better when you put a bird on it! The eye-catching silhouettes of two wild cockatoos make this sweater super fly.

8. Giraffe Pullover Sweater ($80): The unmistakable shape of a giraffe adds whimsey to this preppy sweater. Its basic but brilliant design and three quarter-length sleeves make it a versitile layering piece.

9. Polar Bear Intarsia Knit ($312): You’ll never have to visit YouTube for a mid-day dose of cute when you’re wearing this sweater! Nuzzling polar bears are perfectly placed to allow for awesome elbow detailing.

10. Knit Jumper with Leopard ($110): We couldn’t pass up one last cheetah sweater, especially since this big cat print is so pretty. It’s a serious stunner that could dress up a pair of jeans or look just as good paired with a black circle skirt.

11. Now Sweater ($93): We love that these sweaters can help you say what you’re thinking without opening your mouth. While we take a kill ’em with kindness approach to life, this demanding sweater may be appropriate for those Monday morning coffee runs. ;)

12. Pardon Moi Jumper ($51): Go for a more mannered-approach with this pullover! Work your way through any crowd in a top that’s both pretty and polite.

13. LOVE Sweater ($30): We’re most definitely in love with this bold statement sweater. This important four letter word looks incredibly striking as a graphic.

14. Take Me To Paris ($168): If only hopping a plane to Paris were this easy! This sweater conjures all the romance of a spontaneous trip to the Eiffel Tower.

15. Cool Sweater ($50): This knit spells it all out—it’s undeniably cool! From the bright mustard color to its heart-shaped “o’s,” it’s an effortless way to look like a trendsetter.

16. Bien Fiat Sweatshirt ($75): This might be the most clever use of typography in a sweater yet. Translated into English as “Made Well,” this French sweater reps its brand (Madewell, if you didn’t make the connection) in modern and chic way.

17. Sunday Best Sweater ($173): Sometimes there’s no need for words, even on a sweater! You’ll obvs look like you’ve stepped out in something special with this lightweight sweater on.

18. Stay Rad Sweater ($59): The text on this sweater is a general rule of thumb at Brit HQ. We love that it’s helping to remind the rest of the world to stay rad too!

19. Carpe Diem Pullover ($80): A little motivation never hurt anyone, especially when it’s in the form of this bright sweater. Be ready for whatever comes your way in this ribbed pullover.

20. Einstein Sweater ($23): This sweater spouts a mouthful, but it’s all substance with this script. Curious minds are what drive us as makers and innovators, so this sweater is naturally up our alley.

21. Dot Drift Pullover ($88): This ain’t your average polka dot! These super-sized patterns look demur against heather grey, but pop ferociously against a cool chartreuse.

22. Heart Intarsia Sweater ($59): Oversized sweaters are another big trend this fall, and we think the slouchy knit and topsy-turvy hearts are a perfectly playful match. It’s a great piece to wear over a flowy shirt dress or with a pair of comfy leggings.

23. Stars Jumper ($50): This star print really steals the show for us. We don’t know what we like more: the clustered constellation chest piece or the five-pointed elbow patches.

24. Contrast Southwestern Pattern Sweater ($25): Now you know what it looks like to zoom into tribal print! We think the segmented result is much more chic, especially in these beautiful contrasting colors.

25. Imeri Boyfriend Cardigan ($248): It’s confirmed: chevron still looks chic, even on a massive scale. The ombre fade makes this long and lovely cardigan even more gorgeous.

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Would you wear any of these fun fall trends? Which sweater are you eyeing the most? Tell us in the comments below!