An old pair of jeans is either distressed to perfection and fits like a glove, or simply last season’s news. When you come across the latter, resist the urge to add to your cut off collection and instead, transform this durable and versatile fabric into something totally wow-worthy. From unique home decor items to stylish accessories, here are 25 ways to repurpose denim.

1. No-Sew Kindle Cozy: Spray adhesive is the key to creating this jeans-covered no-sew project that protects your tech. We not-so-secretly love that the cover is bejeweled in chunky rhinestones. (via Punk Projects)

2. Jean Cocktail Napkins: While jeans may not be the most appropriate attire for a cocktail party, they sure make cool cocktail napkins! You can even customize them for the occasion with bleach stamps! (via Brit + Co.)

3. Patriotic Denim Bunting: Don’t let this patriotic denim bunting sit in darkness post Independence Day. This upcycled decor would look perfectly in place at a family BBQ or picnic, too. (via Pretty Handy Girl)

4. Modern Denim Quilt: Diagonally quilted rows and an ombre fade from light to dark denim make this jean quilt thoroughly modern. This crafty project is definitely a time commitment, but so worth the hard work! (via It’s Always Autumn)

5. Recycled Denim Headband: Here’s another brilliant no-sew project that’s fit for fall. A pair of jeans is cut into two strips of fabric that are criss crossed to create a beautiful turban-style head wrap. (via Three Mustard Seeds)

6. Woven Denim Rug or Trivet: Ready to get your weave on? Depending on your enthusiasm for the task, you can create a small, useful jean trivet or an impressively woven denim rug. (via Liesl Made)

7. Recycled Denim Pouch: Basic sewing skills aren’t all that’s needed to make this pouch, because in our book, it’s the creative painted tribal pattern that makes this pouch. (via Jessica Rebelo)

8. Denim Scrap Stamps: Use the scraps from your jeans as swirling stamps? Genius! (Jean-ius?) This denim hack is not just insanely resourceful, but also totally fabulous! (via Crafting in A Green World)

9. Denim Snack Bag: You’ll never guess how easy it is to make this seriously chic creation. We’d proudly tote around more than just snacks in this rugged clutch.(via Between the Lines)

10. Patchwork Denim Throw Rug: The free fabric scrap bin is your bestie for this patchwork project. Squares of contrast fabric and denim give an unmistakably boho vibe to this rug. (via Free People Blog)

11. Jean Coasters: Snip the seams of your jeans to create the thin strips that make this spiral denim coaster. In a set of two or four, these table accessories would make the perfect housewarming gifts. (via Sierra)

12. DIY Denim Phone Case: Here are two ways to trick out a denim pouch for your phone! If you’re like us and we can’t decide which style you like more, why not make one for your phone and one for your music player? (via Free People Blog)

13. Patchwork Jean Bowl: We love seeing all the ways that this DIY basic can be done, and this patchwork bowl is no exception. Just generously apply Mod Podge to scraps of jean to make this stiff and stylish denim bowl. (via Henry Happened)

14. Denim Hair Bows: Here’s more proof that dingy denim scraps can be turned into adorable upcycled accessories. And since they’re so cheap to make, you can practically make a different hair bow for each day of the week! (via Salute to Cute)

15. DIY Denim Whale: Can you believe that this insanely cute whale toy was hand sewn from denim scraps? It just goes to show you that amazing things are possible with a little imagination and DIY chops! (via Valaan Villapaita)

16. Denim Fabric Flowers: We just can’t stop thinking about the many ways that you can use these dynamic fabric flowers. From gift wrap toppers to rustic buffet decor and pretty party favors, the possibilities are nearly endless! (via Miss Party)

17. DIY Denim Pencil Case: Want a totally customizable carrier? Try your hand at this awesome denim pencil case. Though we wouldn’t change a thing about the light denim, seafoam green zipper, and stark white skull! (via A Dash of D.I.Y.)

18. Denim Napkins: This whimsical DIY will have you switching out your table linens for denim in no time! We love how this table setting is dolled up with lace and lavender for a more upscale feel. (via The Pocket Stylist)

19. DIY Christmas Decor: Already gathering inspiration for Christmas crafting? Then feast your eyes upon this delightful denim gingerbread man! This stuffed softie would also be an adorable addition to any baby shower gift. (via Eat Drink Chic)

20. One Tough Pouf: We tip our hats to this Maker who conquered the process of making this amazing denim pouf. We need to commission a few of these for Brit HQ! (via Michele Made Me)

21. Old Denim Corner Bookmark: Feeling like furniture is too tall an order for denim DIY? Start small with this heart-shaped bookmark. Durable denim will no doubt protect your page ends. (via The Cheese Thief)

22. Denim Cut-Offs Wine Bag: Tote your wine around in this terrifically preppy wine bag. We’re nuts about the striped handle and neon pink thread. (via Design*Sponge)

23. Denim Pom Poms: Have you made these denim pom poms yet? If not, what are you waiting for!? We love the idea of using them as tassels on gift wrap, or strung as festive garland. (via Zakka Life)

24. Denim Arrow Cushion: This geometric patterned pillow would make a great weekend project for experienced seamstresses. We’re gushing over these gorgeous designs. (via Etsy)

25. Recycled Jeans Footwear ($4 for pattern): Denim footwear? Count us in! The cost of this pattern is a small price to pay for the promise of this casual footwear. (via DoNight)

Have you turned an old pair of jeans into something totally wow-worthy? Tell us in the comments below!