It’s time to go mobile… not that kind of mobile! In some cases, this might be a mobile for a baby’s room. In other cases, it’s simply a piece of wall art that is too dimensional for the wall. In all cases, these objects are quirky, move ever-so-charmingly, and will add a pep of shape and color to any room.

1. Geometric Planets Mobile ($37): One of our favorite finds from our geometric home decor roundup, these quirky planets would work for any room that needs a little color. We wonder how easily you could DIY these with a little construction paper, tape, and fishing line.

2. Gold Star Cloud Mobile ($50): A perfect way for your little one to say goodnight and good morning, this isn’t so babyish that you can’t keep it in their room through tweenhood.

3. Pegasus Star Hanging Mobile ($68): These gorgeous stars would amp up any corner in your home, but we love the idea of putting them up in a powder room.

4. Tour d’Europe ($85): Make sure your baby is always brushing up on his or her iconic architecture knowledge.

5. Brass Air Plant Mobile ($25): The air plant is having a moment, and we’re totally on board. These plants are insanely easy to care for, and look awesome in this set of hanging “planters.”

6. Metal Orbital Mobile ($299): This is another one that looks as at home in a nursery as in a modern studio apartment.

7. Swallow Mobile ($32): When in doubt, you can always put a you-know-what on it. We love the angular design of this set of swallows.

8. Teardrop Seagull Mobile ($59): Speaking of the bird being the word, can you spot the kooky little seagull behind all those colorful drops? We’ll go ahead and call him Scuttle.

9. Wool Felt Night Sky Mobile ($39): We love these cushy felt shapes, perfect for any kid to play with once they start to try standing up in their crib.

10. Nautley Mobile ($268): We’ll go ahead and tell you that this probably isn’t the move for above your wee one’s crib – it would be more at home in a sunroom or bright kitchen.

11. Twigeli Mobile ($90): Created with found twigs, paint, and hemp twine, this natural mobile is a fun option for a more bohemian Anthropologie-inspired vibe.

12. Geometric Paper Trio ($39): This fresh kit comes with three many-sided little orbs. We dig the color palette.

13. Rainbow Ribbon Mobile ($5): This could easily be made at home with string, ribbon, and an embroidery hoop, but $5 is pretty darn reasonable for adding a nice pillar of color to any room.

14. Themis Prism Mobile ($40): More geodes? Yes please. We love the idea of filling an entire ceiling with a whole bunch of these objects.

15. Himmeli No. 6 Geometric Mobile ($67): These beautiful mobiles are probably little too grown up for the nursery – we love how they almost look like line drawings just hanging from your ceiling.

16. Rain Baby Mobile ($48): And onto the rain portion of today’s roundup. This quirky number is lovely for a toddler’s room.

17. Raindrops Mobile ($165): For a more naturalist approach, these drops hang from twigs in a decidedly desert-inspired way.

18. Acrylic Glass Wildlife ($68): Create a bit of wilderness in your space with these acrylic animals.

19. Hanging Feather Mobile ($55): There’s something ritualistic about this strange feather mobile, don’t you think?

20. Flying the Skies Mobile ($77): Last, take a cue from Oz and fill your ceiling space with adorable hot air balloons.

Would you hang any of these in your home? In a nursery? Tell us how you incorporate mobiles into your decor in the comments below.