As the outside temperature begins to rise, so does the need for a few refreshing adult beverages. Slushies were your favorite childhood treat, so it only makes sense that they’re recreated with one of your go-to adult drinks — wine. Your most beloved cocktails have already been given the slushie treatment (very berry mojito slushies, anyone?), so now it’s time to break out your favorite vino for its own chilly makeover. Whether you prefer a bold Merlot or a crisp Chardonnay, there’s a perfect icy treat calling your name. Keep reading for 12 invigorating wine slushies that will keep you cool no matter the heat index.

raspberry rose wine slushies

1. Raspberry Rosé Wine Slushies: Frozen raspberries and raspberry liqueur take this rosé slushie to a whole new level. Eat it with a spoon like a boozy sorbet, or sip through a straw for a quick cooldown. Warning: Brain freeze is likely. (via Always Order Dessert)

rose wine slush

2. Rosé Slushie: The addition of elderflower liqueur and rose lemonade gives this slushie an elegant floral essence. Serve in a coupe glass with an edible flower and consider yourself a domestic diva. (via Style Me Pretty)

strawberry peach slushie

3. Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies: You can’t go wrong with a refreshing blended cocktail with only three ingredients. You could throw everything in the blender and serve it as is, but when you separate the strawberry and peach layers, the presentation is on point. (via Hungry Happens)


4. Frozen Sangria Slushies: Sangria is a staple beverage no matter what time of year it is. Problem is, you usually have to let the fruit soak in the wine for a few hours before drinking. The solution? Blend everything together to make a frothy slushie. (via Baking a Moment)

tropical slushie

5. Tropical Wine Slushie: If you can’t get away to the beach, bring the beach to you. Pinot Grigio works perfectly in this tropical mango-peach slushie, but any white wine will do the trick. (via Twinspiration)


6. Watermelon Limoncello Prosecco Slushies: If you’re going to day drink, you might as well go all out. Any Italian would be proud of this cocktail, which uses both Limoncello and Prosecco. Talk about delizioso. (via Floating Kitchen)


7. White Wine Margarita: It can be hard for a margarita lover to give up their go-to drink. Try switching out the tequila for Chardonnay and experience your new favorite way to indulge in a marg or two. (via Tammilee Tips)


8. Wine Slush: This *genius* slushie hack involves blending Moscato and fruit together, pouring the mixture into ice trays and re-blending the cubes whenever you’re ready for a drink. Mind = Blown. (via Love Grows Wild)


9. Pinot Slush: This citrus-packed slush is sure to invigorate all your senses. Keep frozen cubes of orange and pineapple juice in your freezer so this drink is ready when you are. Throw in a splash of Grand Marnier to add an unexpected punch to the cocktail. (via Daily Appetite)


10. Moscato Slushie: Get a little help from the grocery store and use pre-made frozen smoothie blends to make your slushie. The texture will be extra creamy, and you only have to buy two items. Score! (via Simply Charmed)

strawberry wine slush

11. Strawberry Riesling Slushies: There’s no point in buying an expensive wine when you’re blending it with fruit. Save money on the booze and opt for organic strawberries instead. Depending on how ripe your fruit is, you may need to add a bit of sugar to sweeten things up. (via Annie’s Eats)

aIMG_1344f Vertical 690

12. Blueberry Cream Wine Slush: The only thing better than a wine slushie is a wine slushie with ice cream in it. Dessert meets happy hour in the form of this slushie with white wine, blueberries and vanilla ice cream. (via U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council)

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