We get it. Sometimes you’re just not up for drinking alcohol at a party. Maybe you have an important meeting the next day, maybe you’re just tired of boozing or maybe you have other health-related reasons for avoiding the liquor this year. From holiday-themed drinks to spritzers and punches, here are 21 different non-alcoholic mock cocktails for you to drink instead of that hot toddy. Whether you follow these recipes or they inspire you to concoct your own creation, feel free to sip to your heart’s content, without the threat of a hangover.


1. Chicha de Piña: This spiced pineapple tea helps you use all the parts of the fruit that normally don’t make the cut (the skins and core) into a lovely bright spritzer. (via Ginger and Bread)


2. Salted Meyer Lemon and Sage Pressé: The flavors in this drink meld savory and sweet into a sophisticated mocktail, adapted from Trick Dog in San Francisco. (via Bon Appetit)


3. Spiced Apple Cider Spritzers: Give champagne to the adults and these kid-friendly spritzers to the young ones so everyone can toast together! (via Making Thyme for Health)


4. Cranberry, Tangerine, Rosemary and Cream Soda Mocktail: It’s a mouthful to say, but this flavor-packed punch is worth it. (via Lilly Pulitzer)


5. Celery Collins: A refreshing combo of celery, lemon juice and spicy shrub make this non-alcoholic Collins a soon-to-be classic. (via Bon Appetit)


6. Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer: You can bring the coveted Harry Potter drink to life without any actual beer thanks to this recipe. (via Yummily Yours)


7. Moscow Mule Mocktail: Just swap out the vodka for club soda, and it’s super easy to enjoy this tasty ginger and lime sipper. (via The Merry Thought)


8. Mexican Chocolate Mocktini: Everyone knows the best martinis are chocolate flavored. Enjoy this one any time of night (or day) without the booze. (via HGTV)

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9. Mulled Juice: Serve this family-friendly warm drink instead of mulled wine so everyone can cozy up to a mug. (via Wallflower Girl)


10. Kale Limeade: Starting your post-new year’s detox already? Sip this healthy drink at your next brunch and skip the mimosa. (via Imma Eat That)


11. Horchata: Okay, it might not exactly be a mocktail, but who can deny the tastiness of horchata? Pair it with tacos or spicy tortilla soup for a refreshing break. (via Jill Nicole)


12. Lemon, Ginger and Lavender Hot Toddy: Who says you can’t enjoy a hot toddy without the liquor? (via The Kiwi Cook)


13. Spiced Cider Punch: A little sweet, a little spicy and 100% delicious on a cold autumn day. (via Taste and Tell)


14. Cranberry Pine Mocktail: Make your own pine syrup to use in this creative drink that will be sure to wow friends and family when they taste it. (via The Merry Thought)


15. Chai Blossom: Chai tea turned into refreshing spritzer? Yes please! (via Bon Appetit)


16. Ginger Mint Lemonade: This drink may be better suited for summer, but heat it up for the colder seasons and suddenly you have Ginger Mint Lemon tea that’s just as delicious. (via Chef and Steward)


17. Hair of the Dog Breakfast Margarita: Skip the tequila for a breakfast-friendly (aka virgin) version of this mocktail. We promise it will still give you a morning jolt to wake you up. (via Dirty Laundry Kitchen)


18. Mulled Punch: Get a batch of this bubbling in your Crockpot and serve to all your guests young and small as they walk in the door. (via One Hungry Mama)


19. Cranberry Apple Cider Punch: We don’t know what we like best — the festive presentation or the tasty creativity this drink brings to the table. (vie Say Yes)


20. Lemon Tarragon Spritzer: Make this herbacious mocktail when you’re in the mood for a G&T; the tarragon has a similar bitter bite to gin. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)


21. Grandma’s Tea Punch: Southern comfort meets holiday cheer with (what else!) a giant festive punch bowl. (via Life With Jane)

Planning to make any of these alcohol-free punches this season? Tell us which ones in the comments below!