Another hot summer day means another reason to mix up a round of refreshing, boozy drinks at Brit HQ. This time, we’re all about the mojito. If you’re looking for a dose of midday refreshment, this is a yummy drink even without the rum. ;)

 – 1 carton of blackberries, keep 4 reserved

– 1 carton of raspberries, keep 4 reserved

– 1/2 cup rum

– 2 limes

– 2 tsp agave nectar

– 2 cups ice cubes

– 1/2 cup club soda

– mint!

– tools: blender

You definitely need a blender for this one.

Place about half of your berries in the blender.

Add one cup of ice, squeeze a whole lime into the mix, add the agave, and blend.

Add the rest of the berries and ice, and add a handful of mint. Blend!

Pour into glasses, mason jars, universal party glasses, whatever you like.

For garnish, we’ll use our reserve berries, the second lime, and more mint.

We used a kabob stick broken in half as our fruit skewer, but you could also use a cocktail stirrer. Place your berries on the stick, and then slide through a sprig of mint as it stands up in the drink. Top it off with a lime, a straw, and serve!

If you’re looking for a slushie that’s more like the kind you used to get at 7-11, freeze up the blended mix overnight, and re-blend to serve the following day. And don’t forget to check out our wine slushies! ;)

What are your favorite summer drinks? Getting that fresh fruit fix in before summer comes to an end? Share your favorites in the comments below or hang with us on Twitter.