Raise your hand if you’re beyond excited that scarf season is fast-approaching! We’re going to assume that you’re all raising your hands and say, “Us, too!” Scarves can be tied a dozen (or more) different ways, which makes them a super versatile accessory. But we’ve just found the most beautiful scarf that deserves to be treated as more than an accessory. It’s a fashion masterpiece and your entire look will revolve around it. Here they are… the Shovana Wing Scarves.

Seriously, how absolutely magical is this? Artist Roza Khamitova sells these beauties from her Etsy Shop, Shovana. She hand-paints the fanciful wings herself and gets the images printed on silk, cotton or cashmere fabric.

We’re totally obsessed with the glamorous size of these scarves. You really feel like you can wrap up in them for coziness and style… you also feel like you could possibly take flight.

Scarves are all-purpose fashion must-haves, but sometimes they’re too thick or too short to reach their full potential. Not these! Roza says you can wear these as a scarf, shawl, tube top, halter top, turban, skirt and pretty much anything else your mind can dream up!

This feathered fashion statement is perfect for cooling autumn nights, and we could see one being worn over an LBD or a flowing maxi. No matter how you wear it, the detail on these will amp up any look to be completely stunning. Check out Roza’s full line of scarves and get your own at her Etsy shop here.

Have you seen a wearable print that’s stand-alone stunning? We’d love to see it! Share the wealth in the comments.