You may not love your cubicle, but Fido is pretty into it 鈥 at least over hanging out in *his* version (a crate) all day while you鈥檙e at your 9 to 5. With more and more businesses going dog-friendly, it鈥檚 time to think about altering our office furniture to reflect the changing workplace. That鈥檚 what Woofice, the coolest desk chair design concept we鈥檝e sniffed across in awhile, wants to do. It鈥檚 totally going to make your and Fido鈥檚 tails wag.


Croatian designer Senka Skenderovic came up with the idea for the Woofice chair because of her own desire to promote dogs at the office. You can鈥檛 blame her for wanting more furry pals roaming around when they鈥檙e known to provide so many benefits (productivity, joy, stress relief, exercise, cuteness etc.).


The design essentially takes the concept of an exercise ball as a desk chair a step further by adding a bonus spot at the bottom for your dog to snuggle in. This curved chair takes the lap of luxury for your dog from your actual lap to your feet. Since the Woofice is round and filled with air, it has the same benefits as other ergonomic chairs (basically an 8-hour ab workout) while Rover can daydream about treats underneath you in the soft, upholstered den.


Since dogs in the workplace are becoming more accepted, we think the Woofice would be a huge hit for cubicle-dwellers. We鈥檇 totally buy several for our office dogs and their humans immediately, but the chair is currently just a concept. So paws crossed the designer goes the Kickstarter route to get this pup-friendly office seat into production ASAP.

Would you sit on the Woofice when you bring your dog to work? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Dog Milk)