Of all the resolutions we’ve made this year—including cool it with the sweets and get organized, pronto!—we’ve actually managed to keep up with our intention to spruce up our gym gear. Everything from duffel bags to running shoes got a 2014 update, and we have to say, the new stuff has been great motivation to step into the gym… but what about motivation once you step foot on that treadmill? Our solution: gym headphones: they’re sweat-proof, lightweight, and actually look as good as they sound! From high-end cordless headphones to mid-range earbuds, these are the 10 most eye-catching ones to try.

1. Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women ($60): These water resistant earphones provide a nice pop of color with hot pink, ergonomic buds specifically designed to fit smaller lady-size ears. The Apple-friendly Yurbuds twist tightly into place and feature a three-button, water resistant mic perfect for hands free hellos mid workout.

2. Monster Isport Freedom Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones ($225): Jam out at the gym with these monster-sized (and monster-priced) headphones that really, really do stay on your dome, no matter how rigorous the workout. This eye-catching pair is Bluetooth compatible, but also comes with a detachable cable just for old time’s sake. Too clunky for your taste? Try this sleeker (and cheaper) earbud version instead.

3. Women’s Momentum Ultra Light Headphones ($30): These super lightweight headphones come in a variety of gem tone colors—we’re pretty smitten with this teal/emerald number—and are equipped with a retro-reflective woven cord that’s totally tangle free. For $30, that’s a tough one to pass up.

4. Sennheiser PMX6851 ($64): This wraparound headset—made specifically with runners in mind—was given the highest of praises from the guys at Gizmodo, which is really the only endorsement pavement pounders should need. Besides being lightweight, the sound quality is seriously top notch.

5. Limited Edition Powerbreats ($150): These sweat-resistant, dual-speaker earphones were designed by LeBron James and Dr. Dre. ‘Nuff said.

6. Jaybird Bluebuds X ($170): These earphones might just be the best of the best: they’re the smallest Bluetooth headphones available, with a state-of-the-art sound experience that can pack a whopping eight hours of play time in one charge. Whew! Not to mention they have a freaky futuristic ear attachment that safely hugs your ear while you’re Hulking out.

7. Denon AH-W150YW ($149): This sleek wraparound is the wireless powerhouse you’ve been looking for. With secure and comfortable ear clips that come in a variety of vibrant colors, the Bluetooth connected earphones come with an Android and iOS compatible app that can log your workouts, track your routes, and even holler encouraging voice prompts your way to keep you motivated.

9. Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth ($99): These slinky earbuds just blew firm banded headsets out of the park. With Bluetooth capability from up to 50 feet away, they’re flexible in every sense of the word. We’re dying to try ‘em.

9. Meelectronics Sport-Fi Headphones ($60): Get pumped for the most comfortable workout headphones around: this black and red pair is made with a bendable memory wire than conforms to your ear and stays in place. Its tangle-resistant cable almost guarantees it won’t get caught up in your cool gym hairdo.

10. Decibullz Custom Earphones ($49): If you’re super fussy about fit while you’re shaping up, then there’s no better option than to get a pair of completely custom gym headphones. But you’ll need a microwave to turn these teardrop-shaped, thermoplastic molds into couture earpieces: heat up the pair in a cup of water, then once they’re dry, snap ‘em into the device and shape ‘em into your ears.

How do you jam out at the gym? Are there any cool, colorful, or crazy high-tech workout headphones we should know about? Tell us in the comments below!