Now that the new year is fast approaching, we’ve turned our attention from cookies and bubbly drinks to getting our merry butts in shape. And for us here at Brit + Co., waking up for that early morning workout is a lot easier when we’re prepped to tackle the gym in style. Since we’ve already packed up our workout essentials in chic gym bags, we’re now concentrating on different ways to wear our hair to the gym. ‘Cause even though a basic ponytail will get the job done, it can feel way more motivating to know that your hair will look just as good after you step off that treadmill.

1. Braided Bun: Now you have a reason to step up to the front of your workout class! Not only does this ‘do keep your hair high, tight, and out of they way, but it’s also got a serious wow-factor thanks to the braided back. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Twist and Tuck: Leave the headband behind and instead do the twist and tuck. Give yourself a side part for extra flair. (via Refinery29)

3. French Fishtail Slip Braid: Get well acquainted with this tight fishtail ponytail—it’s the perfect combination of style and function for strength training or spinning. (via Brit + Co.)

4. Boxer Braids 4 Ways: Whether it’s in the ring or not, channel your inner Rocky and bust out the boxing braids for your next workout. We love that this blog shows you four fabulous ways to wear ’em. (via The Beauty Department)

5. Hair Tie Bun: If you’ve got a collection of colorful hair ties, why not show them off with this chic gym updo? Twist them around your pony to make it pop or if you’re looking for a more stable style, do it up in a top bun. (via Refinery29)

6. Braided Pigtails: Yup, you don’t have to be in kindergarden to wear pigtails—when they’re worn in short, side-swept braids, they’re a perfectly acceptable style for the gym. (via The Shine Project)

7. The Low Rider Ponytail: If you’re gonna insist on sticking with a ponytail, then it should certainly be this low rider style. Since it’s pulled tight into the nape of your neck, it’s guaranteed to not bounce around, making it just as perfect for cardio as it is for wall squats. (via Refinery29)

8. The French Roll Twist and Pin: This might be the most intricate of gym hair styles, but it also might be our favorite. Let’s face it: it’s a stunner that can easily transition from the treadmill to the cubicle, which means less work after your workout. Score! (via Hair Romance)

9. Wraparound Braided Bun: We’ll never fault you for turning to the bun if you’re pressed for time before a workout: it’s the most practical workout ‘do of all. But if you’ve got two seconds to spare, next time try wrapping it in a braid. (via M Loves M)

10. Halo Braid: Who’d have thought that Heidi would ever be our workout muse? Since the milkmaid braid had such a big resurgence last year, it’s a street-ready style that nearly anyone can pull off at this point. (via Wedding Chicks)

How do you fix your hair for the gym? Do you go all out with a dashing ‘do or just sling it up and out of the way? How else do you prep for your workouts? Tell us in the comments below!