Anyone who has ever tried to work on the fly knows the trauma of subpar wifi. While the idea of traveling with abandon and popping into local cafes to get a bit of work done is lovely, the reality can sometimes be less than ideal. Crowded coffeehouses and at-capacity coworking spaces are only as valuable as the resources they provide, and until now, it’s been tough for travelers to find a great spot on the first try. That’s why the developers of a new app decided to make it easier to figure out which places are worth popping into and which ones you might be better off skipping.

WHA app

WHA (short for Work Hard Anywhere) uses geolocation to identify what cafes and coworking spaces are around you, and then gives you the lowdown on whether or not there’s decent wifi, parking and seating. In other words, if time is money, this free app is worth its weight in gold for freelancers and other professionals on the go.


For added insights, users can take advantage of the app’s tipping feature, which lets visitors leave relevant bits of information for one another, like drop-in rates for coworking spaces, operating hours for cafes and other need-to-know info. The next time you leave your daily desk behind and go off to explore someplace new, the odds of finding a decent workspace are way higher now than they’ve ever been.

DL It: Free on iOS

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