We鈥檝e figured out the top 25 cities for the best job opportunities, so now we鈥檙e on the hunt for the best jobs that complement our busy lives vs burning us out. The good news is that tech is coming out on top! Certain tech fields not only provide the highest paying jobs, the most openings for recent gradsand the best provisions for new moms, but according to this new study, they鈥檙e also leading in work/life balance.


According to Glassdoor.com鈥檚 study, the top four best jobs in the US in terms of work/life balance are all in the tech field. Data scientist rings in at number one (with an average salary of $114k), while social media manager takes the number four spot, with an average salary of $40k. This data was collected by employees who reported the state of work/life balance at their jobs and rated them on a five-point scale (one being not satisfied and five being super satisfied).

There is hope if you鈥檙e not tech-minded. Jobs like substitute teacher and marketing assistant make the list at numbers five and nine respectively. Still, with so many big-deal jobs in tech that pay well and take care of employees鈥 mental health, it may behoove you to brush up on your coding 鈥 or realize that there are tons of jobs in tech that exist outside of that.

How do you find work/life balance? Tell us in the comments鈥 unless you鈥檙e too busy working!

(h/t Venturebeat)