If your childhood dream was to ride off into the sunset with the Pegasus Ponies, you’re in luck. One Japanese eatery wants you to relive the fun and glitter-filled existence of a Little Pony in Paradise Estate. The My Little Pony pop-up cafe features enough themed snacks and coffee to make you cry rainbow-colored tears of happiness.


Located in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, the nostalgic cafe is a collaboration between the ’80s TV sensationMy Little Pony and Umajo, a women’s club for horse-racing enthusiasts. Like its fellow Pikachu and Super Mario-themed cafes, the My Little Pony cafe aims to revive yet another cult favorite for loyal pegasisters and bronies.

The whimsical snack bar ponies up magical menu items like Kalua pork and orange pancakes; marshmallow, banana and chocolate pancakes and rainbow parfaits. Get ready to buck the PSL trend altogether and go giddy for the My Little Pony Latte. After all, defending Ponyland from trolls, witches and goblins is a full-time job that can’t be done without coffee!


Like the best themed restaurants, the My Little Pony Cafe is full of character — literally. The cafe’s bright and colorful murals, tables and toys are decked out with images of beloved MLP heroines. Whether you’re a bold, free spirit like Rainbow Dash or an introvert like Fluttershy, you’re bound to find a seat in pop culture history at this cafe.

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(h/t Food Beast; photos via @mylittleponyjpn and @mimori_suzuko)