Now that we’ve ferreted out the most expensive item to come out of this year’s Goop gift guides (which is, incidentally, $60,000 pricier than last year’s insane pick ― dammnnnn), it’s time to take a closer look at some of the, erm, stranger giftable options: After all, with 10 separate guides to shop, one of which is aptly titled “The Ridiculous, But Awesome Gift Guide,” there’s bound to be some gems, right?

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Boy, were there ever! Read on for 10 of the most WTF gifts we could find below.


1. Elvie Pelvic Floor Exercise Tracker ($199): Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? For the low, low price of almost $200, you can track a heck of a lot more than your heart rate or miles jogged: You can, more or less, track the strength of your vaginal walls! Okaaaaayyy? Inserted like a tampon that links to Bluetooth (WHAT?), this handy little device aims to coach you through your Kegels through game-like exercises. We can’t help but wonder: Who, exactly, do they suggest we “gift” this to?


2. Moss Wall Garden ($599): For when you want to bring the outdoors indoors, there’s this preserved moss garden that is meant to hang on your wall. With its only instructions to keep it “out of the sun,” we’ve got so many questions… like how do you water a vertical plant? Doesn’t it attract bugs? How long will our $600 keep this plant alive?

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3. Poglia Horse Ashtray ($121): A horse ashtray for more than $100? Why not?

A woman standing in a lush green field.

4. Iceland Writer’s Retreat ($2,593): Because what better way to show the writer in your life that you love them than by sending them to Iceland? And not just anywhere in Iceland ― this is beautiful Reykjavik Natura, where they’ll have access to all the writer-y stuff they could ever want — things like group workshops and author Q & A’s. Okay, this is actually amazing… that is, if you can afford it! (Photo via Jordan Siemans/Getty)


5. Fur Oil ($39): Contrary to what it might sound like, this stuff is actually PETA-friendly — it’s made with all-natural ingredients like grapeseed, jojoba and tea tree oil… which is apparently the perfect combination for the hair surrounding your bikini area. Oh.


6. Lelo Liv 2 Vibrator ($139): Yes, they went there. Erm… it’s waterproof?


7. Porcelain Ice Cream Cone ($24): Who needs a real ice cream cone when you can hit your teeth on cold porcelain, areweright? Call us nuts, but this just seems un-American.


8. WaterRower Rowing Machine ($1,500): Sure, this water wheel may be a bit less affordable than your typical 10-pound weights, but hey, just think of how buff your friend or family member’s arms are going to be after rowing stationary water!


9. Tesla Model S Radio Flyer for Kids ($500): We get wanting to give your little ones everything you never had, but a TESLA? This seems a little excessive, no? Whatever happened to the Barbie Jeep?!? Sheesh.


10. Groovyyurts Super Ger 20’ Yurt ($8,300): Considering that this is half a down payment on an actual house, we’re not entirely sold on this glorified tent… unless you plan to live in it. Which actually doesn’t sound SO bad…

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