So, when you think of a taco, you generally think of a tortilla folded gently in half and stuffed with fillings 鈥 usually some meat, maybe some cheese, veggies, guac and whatever else your heart desires. However, Taco Bell has decided to shake things up and put the meat on the OUTSIDE with what they鈥檙e calling the Naked Chicken Chalupa. Say what!?


Solving the problem of the tortilla (which we actually didn鈥檛 know was a problem, but whatevs!), T-Bell is subbing it for tortilla-shaped pieces of fried chicken filled with shredded cheese, lettuce, creamy avocado ranch dressing and diced tomatoes. While these have only been tested so far in a few markets, they鈥檝e apparently done well enough that Taco Bell has decided to bring them nationwide, so we鈥檒l all have the opportunity to give 鈥檈m a try!

Whether this sounds like something you鈥檇 be into or not, they鈥檒l be available to you starting today (!) for the low, low price of $2.99 (though prices may differ, depending where you are). We can鈥檛 wait to see how Twitter reacts鈥

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(h/t Thrillist, photos via Boston Globe/Getty, Taco Bell)