Nothing can jolt you out of bed like the waft of a piping hot croissant with buttery, flaky layers and… taco filling sandwiched between them? That’s right, in a bizarre-but-totally-mouthwatering mishmash of breakfast burrito meets French patisserie, Taco Bell has devised a Croissant Taco. But hold on to your sombreros, because the Frenamexican delicacy is only available on a limited basis for now.


Still hot off the griddle of its Waffle Tacos and Biscuit Tacos, Taco Bell appears to be continuing its enviable quest to unearth every way there is to eat a taco. The fast food giant is now testing a croissant taco filled with all of your fave breakfast goodies: eggs, cheese and sausage or ham. But while McDonald’s counterpart Egg McMuffin offers the British flair of an English muffin, Taco Bell has taken a decidedly French twist by bundling up its comfort food ingredients in a taco shell consisting of croissant dough.

The new arrival is available in select Ohio locations, according to GrubStreet. For those in other states, you’ll have to satisfy your tac-ravings in other ways for now. The good news: Business Insider reports that the fast food chain is not closed to the option of a nationwide offering if the reception is positive. With any luck, we’ll all be donning our French berets for the drive-through soon.

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(h/t Business Insider; photos via Imgur and Getty)