Some things are reserved for celebrities: invitations to the Met Gala, freebies from luxury companies and clothing lines without a degree in fashion. However, dancing personalized emoji? They’re now for everyone. IMVU, the company that gave life to Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji, is extending the royal treatment to all of us. Translation: Instead of an animated KIMOJI version of Kim KW, it could be YOUR AVATAR making it rain and twerking.


The app, which is equal parts Bitmoji and Sims, allows users to customize their own emoji and then animate it. You can make your emoji twerk à la Kardashian or just wave hello. No matter how you use the app, it’s going to spice up your texts. The avatars are completely customizable and come with TONS of different outfit options. The only caveat is that there aren’t a variety of body types available, which could leave some users feeling left out.

But if you’re into the idea of sending an animation of yourself making it rain cash to everybody in your contact list (who isn’t!?), you need to emoji-fy yourself STAT. Check out the whole video below.

DL It: Free on iOS and Android

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(Photos via IMVU)