You Won’t Believe How Simple This Celebrity Jewelry Hack Is
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You Won’t Believe How Simple This Celebrity Jewelry Hack Is

You’ve already conquered the celebrity choker trend this summer, thanks to inspiration from gals like Gigi Hadid and Shay Mitchell, as well as celebrity hair trends like the slicked-back look everyone had this spring. But did you know there’s an even newer trend that bloggers, models and celebrities alike are all falling for… and that it’s literally the easiest and cheapest look imaginable? Introducing summer’s most versatile and inexpensive accessory: the bandana.

It’s actually super genius — you can pick up a bandana at a craft store for about a dollar, in an array of colors to suit your style, and you can wear it any number of ways. Try it old school a la Rosie the Riveter and use it to tie up your hair, or try it wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet alternative.

But to really get in on the celebrity trend, do like models Romee Strijid, Taylor Hill and Candace Cameron Bure have done and tie one around your neck. You can do it traditionally as Candace has (pretty color combo!), or go a little more out of the box and do it as BFFs Romee and Taylor have by making it more choker-like — check out both their Instas for even more inspiration; these gals love their bandanas! Bonus: You can DIY some jewels across the front to make it stand out even more, making it this summer’s cheapest and chicest accessory.

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(Feature image via Michael Loccisano/Getty)