Fads inevitably go in and out of style — fashion, hairstyles, decor, music and entertainment are all subject to changing tastes. And, weirdly, so are bodies. What was once considered totally attractive in the past may not be as desirable today. And while this isn’t anything new (and likely won’t go away any time soon), it’s always strange when one particular part of the body is suddenly revered or hated. That’s why eyebrows are raising over the fact that Vogue UK has just deemed cleavage “out of fashion.”


Yep, ladies, if you’re apt to listen to trends, then it’s apparently time to cover up that cleave. An article in Vogue UK’s December issue called “Desperately Seeking Cleavage” makes the point that folks are in fact NOT seeking cleavage. “The cleavage — those magnificent mounds pushed together to display sexual empowerment, to seduce, to inspire lust or even just to show off — is over, or at least, taking a well-earned break.”

Mentioning various stars who have opted for high-necked and chest-covering red-carpet outfits of late as signs of a trend (as well as the need to “approach the cleavage carefully” while getting dressed), they also point to the fact that women on social media tend to receive a “creepy” amount of lewd comments whenever they post pics where their cleavage can be seen. However, this is pretty problematic, and places the onus on women rather than on the men doing the commenting. The suggestion that bodies are part of a “trend” is also a problem — we should be choosing clothing that makes us feel good, and certainly not allowing magazines to tell us that our bodies are off-trend for the season.

Whatever the reason behind cleavage currently being off-trend, folks aren’t really on board. In fact, most folks on Twitter downright disagree…

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Scott Barbour/ Getty)