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100 of the Best Braided Hairstyles You Haven’t Pinned Yet

In the hairstyle department, braids are king. Whether you’re a fan of the French braid or dig braided buns, pretty plaits hold a place of prestige in every girl’s date-night, workweek and off-duty lineups. So why all the fuss? Not only do they keep hair on lock, but they have a way of instantly taking your look from everyday to OMG-worthy in seconds, no matter if you choose romantic mermaid, edgy cornrow-inspired or boho crown braids. That said, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. With so many Pinterest perfect, head-scratchingly intricate braids out there, it’s easy to feel intimated and turn to the same three-stander again and again. But trust us — they’re a lot easier than you think. From braids inside braids to faux hawks and cool Celtic knots, we’ve hunted down 100 OMG-worthy braids that will up the ante on your hair game (and second-day hair), stat.

1. Mermaid Tail Braid: As if the introduction of the unicorn emoji wasn’t game-changing enough, then we stumbled across this mermaid braid. Channel your inner Ariel every day of the week by whipping out this surprisingly easy ‘do. Take it to the next level by weaving in flowers, ribbons or cool clips. (via A Cup of Jo)


2. Layered Fishtail Braid: One word: Wow. Whether you’re tying the knot in the near future or standing by your bestie as she says her “I do’s,” THIS is the hairstyle you need in your arsenal. It’s the definition of dreamy. (via Bespoke Photography / Magnolia Rouge)

(C) Jennifer Coffey

3. Easy Side Braid: Here’s an easy way to make your braid stand out when you have naturally curly hair: Plait up an extreme side part. The final look is a polished and chic way to keep your hair out of your face. (via Brit + Co)


4. Dutch Ponytail: Bye-bye, boring ponytail. A side dutch braid and lots of teasing will redefine this effortless style in a totally rad way. Pull this one out for running errands, rock shows or a night of gossiping with the girls. (via Barefoot Blonde)


5. Single Skinny Boho Braid: This two-second style feels like a shortcut to summer, with its free-wheelin’ vibes and fuss-free feel. Add one to your workweek hair routine for the perfect balance of down-to-business and laid-back appeal. (via @rupertlamontane)


6. Short Crown Braid: Who says long-haired ladies get to have all the fun? Even if you’re sporting a bob, you can totally pull off a killer pair of braids. Get the boho vibes going by teaming your crown with beach waves, or keep locks sleek for a more contemporary look. (via Byrdie)


7. Beanie Twist: Make cool twists even cooler with the addition of a beanie. Switch up the laid-back vibe for spring with a flat-brimmed hat that will pull together any look, from a flannel and jeans to a breezy day dress. (via @bombshells)


8. Braids All Around: Four times the braids, four times the style. This next-level ponytail will make your date-night outfit. Texturize your ponytail for a beach-ready feel, or stick with straight hair for a pretty, polished look. (via Brit + Co)


9. Double Sideswept French Braids: This intricate doubled-up style has scene-stealer written all over it. Skip the updo, and make this your go-to wedding season ‘do. Partner with a flowy frock and punchy pink lipstick. (via @emilyroseshannon)


10. Rebel Ballerina Braid: Three different braids, one killer hairstyle. Two side cornrows add an element of tough-girl edge, while a layered twist reads retro chic. Red hot lips and a playful polkadot frock are so in order. (via Refinery 29)


11. Short Fishtail Faux Hawk: An edgy faux hawk has the same effect on your style as a sleek leather jacket, injecting a femme fatale feel in seconds. Consider it the perfect finishing touch for your next #OOTD. (via @modaprints)


12. Half-Up Triple Braids: What happens when you pair a fishtail with two small side braids? Something seriously stunning. The polished, anything-but-prissy ‘do is one you’ll want to take along on all your weekend adventures — it fits right in with a warm cup of tea and your favorite read. (via @allisonmcnamara)


13. Flat Twist: Rock a sleek updo without hiding your natural curls — and stick a playful braid in there for good measure. With the faux-bangs feel, you’re literally giving yourself a completely new hairdo without any commitment. (via @tobnatural)


14. Textured French Twist: Party dresses and swanky soirees deserve an updo that’s equally as glam, and this twisted style definitely delivers. Intricate twists offer a fresh take on a classic braid and work for short- and medium-length hair alike. The pulled-back ‘do is begging for a pair of glitzy drop earrings, so go ahead and indulge your inner diva. (via Camille Styles)


15. Braided Headband and Voluminous Updo: Instead of hiding your bangs, put them front row center with a pretty braided headband and a va-va-voom updo. If you’re looking to blow your date-night look out of the water, this is it. (via Keiko Lynn)


16. Mixed Fishtail Braids: Sisters Mia and Linda know what’s up when it comes to braids, and this fusion fishtail is proof. A half-up fishtail with pulled sections that add volume to the final look is overlaid with two halo fishtail braids woven into one. Whip this one out when you’re ready to turn some heads. (via @aurorabraids)


17. Double Braid: Talk about a double-duty ‘do — this two-phase braid makes the transition from the office to the studio an effortless exercise. (via @erikanakka)


18. Braided Feather Wrap: We’ve got your festival hair covered with this colorful coiffure. Simply weave a vibrant wrap (bonus points for feathers and beads!) through a side braid for a standout effect. Rock on, girl. (via Brit + Co)


19. Double Dutch Braids: Rainbow-colored locks are pretty statement-making on their own, but throw a pair of exaggerated Dutch braids into the mix and BAM — you have a knock-’em-dead everyday ‘do. Emphasize your braids for maximum effect with a touch of styling powder. (via Hair Romance)


20. Celtic Knot Braid: Meet the perfect St. Patty’s day hairstyle — a cute Celtic knot and flowing textured waves that offer a whole new way to show some Irish pride. Once March 17 has come and gone, look to this style to amp up your half-up hair game. (via Twist Me Pretty)


21. Five-Minute Side Braid: Have five minutes? Do this ‘do! The modern side braid and exaggerated part has desk-to-dinner dressing in the bag, and channels some of that Cara Delevigne rocker-girl edge we just can’t get enough of. (via Brit + Co)


22. Box Braid Updo: Braids for days. If you have a killer set of box braids, take them to the next level by styling them into an asymmetric updo. Your GNO and office ensembles are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Dramatic berry lipstick is a must. (via Mercredie)


23. Braided Chignon: This ‘do is proof that simple = stunning, which means amazing things for your lazy-girl style. Four simple braids and a quick twist bring it all together — no time-consuming tricks or tired arms here — instantly elevating everything from athleisure separates to bohemian maxi dresses. (via A Beautiful Mess)


24. Corset Braid: Forget the Kardashian waist-training corset craze — here’s a corset that you’ll actually want to wear. The criss-cross detail brings a simple half-up style into attention-grabbing territory in seconds. Pencil it in for your next #OOTD, and watch as those double taps go through the roof. (via Twist Me Pretty)


25. Lazy Girl Rope Braid: A spritz of dry shampoo and a quick shake is your signature off-duty move, but sometimes even lazy girls need a little extra oomph. That’s where the rope braid comes into play. Two braids effortlessly combine into one to give your I-wanna-stay-in-bed getup an edgy polished touch. (via Brit + Co)


26. French Braid Top Knot: Bun in the front, party in the back. Even a classic needs an upgrade every once in a while, and that’s exactly what this upside down braid sets out to do. (via Brit + Co)


27. Doubled-Up Braided Halo: Why fight bedhead when you can use it to your advantage? Hit hair with a blast of dry shampoo, then drape two braids across the forehead and secure for a killer I-woke-up-like-this look. (via @instakittyamy)


28. Frenchie Pony: French braids and an intricate twisted tie translate to a laid-back updo with major class. Whether you wear it to brunch or the bar, you’re guaranteed to straight-up stun. (via Brit + Co)


29. Textured Half-Up Crown Braid: In need of a mental vacation to get you through the week? Look no further than this beachy bombshell style. Textured waves and an asymmetric halo will whisk you away to sandy beaches without setting foot outside your door. (via Brit + Co)


30. Fishtail Embellished Top Knot: This bun has belle of the ball written all over it. Paired with a bold berry lip and a jumpsuit, it’ll redefine effortless formal-occasion dressing. (via @missysueblog)


31. Sleek Framing-Faux Corn Row Braids: Own your workout like whoa with an arsenal of ultra-sleek braids that won’t budge as you blast through sets of burpees, planks and box jumps. The best part? This ‘do reads major badass paired with your transit-to-the-studio getup — joggers, colorful trainers and a bomber jacket. Girl-on-the-go style: You’ve so got this. (via @mary_alamine)


32. Braided Front Bun: Take your French braid bun to the extreme by braiding all the way to your forehead before securing locks into a top knot. This ‘do has major retro-meets-modern-day flair. (via @raydenesalinas)


33. Grown-Up Pigtails: The big-girl way to wear braids is finally here with classic boxer braids in your arsenal. Match up with a hoodie or your LBD for a fierce look with little fuss. (via@thisisayden)


34. Hippie Headband Braid: Festival-goers know that packing light is key, which is what makes this two-second hairstyle so fab. Instead of stuffing your bag full of free-wheelin’ accessories, nail your festival look with what nature gave you. Make a small braid toward the back of the head, then drape it across the forehead and secure. You’ve got a hair headband in seconds flat. Effort isn’t obligatory, but a little fringe totally is. (via Brit + Co)


35. Short Half-Up Macrame Crown: Macrame isn’t just for wall hangings anymore. The intricate technique puts a fresh new twist on the classic braid and is incredibly easy to do. Your new go-to ‘do? Best believe it. (via @kristin_ess)


36. Curvy Boho Braid: Boring? This braid is anything but. An asymmetric braiding technique results in a twisty-turny style that epitomizes boho chic when teamed with crocheted tops, suede jackets and flowy skirts. (via @ellie_and_britt)


37. Tiny Side Braids: Tiny braids typically have a carefree, bohemian feel, but here they’re all keepin’ it real. Cutting braids off halfway lends an edgy playfulness to the look, though continuing braids straight to the ends would be just as eye-catching. This look calls for a blend of luxe and athleisure essentials like a teddy coat, tee and fresh white sneakers. (via @sofiarichie)


38. Messy Knotted Braid: Major #hairgoals right here. After a quick dip in the pool, this gorgeous gnarly style takes on a whole new (and completely dreamy) look as hair air dries. (via @kaleymelissa)


39. Braid-Wrapped Ponytail: Sometimes less is more, and this fuss-free style is proof. A quick, understated braid turns a ponytail into a showpiece in two seconds flat. Your off-duty uniform just got a whole lot more interesting. (via The Freckled Fox)


40. 3D Chainlink Braid: Unlike a typical four-stranded braid, this straight-from-the-runway look creates a cool 3D effect that will earn you some serious style cred. (via Hair Romance)


41. Stacked Loop Braid: The verdict is in: THIS is the scene-stealing braid you need in your life. Let the OMG-worthy hairstyle shine by keeping accessories and extras on the DL. (via @aurorabraids)


42. Festival Babe Braids: Here’s a jaw-dropping style made for lazy girls and beauty fanatics alike. Loose, romantic waves are woven with unfastened braids for a flawlessly unfussy everyday ‘do. Besides being easy on the eyes, it takes less than 15 minutes to do. #winning (via @kristin_ess)


43. Whimsical Twisted Crown: Meet your new go-to hairdo for wedding season: the twisted half-up crown. This beaut always looks good, no matter what the dress code. Weave in flowers or gold ribbon for a backyard bash, or go glam with gilded clips or gemstone pins. (via Paper Antler)


44. Boxer Braid: Super sleek and anything-but-sweet, these doubled-up French braids have don’t-mess vibes built right in. They’re perfect for Crossfit or anytime you need a little added pep in your step. (via The Coveteur)


45. Knotted Side Braid: If you can tie your shoes, you can 100% recreate this knotted look. Instead of using three pieces of hair to create your braid, you use two, bringing them together again and again by knotting to create the unexpected sideswept style. Works best with long locks. (via Camille Styles)


46. Summer Combo Braid: Part fishtail, part French, this two-in-one style looks super fancy, but is surprisingly easy to pull off. A bit of tucking and texturizing action helps pull it all together for a look that’s begging to come along on all your warm-weather adventures. It’s bomb at keeping hair out of your face and off your neck, especially if wrapped up into a bun. (via The Beauty Department)


47. Fishtail Crown Braid: Fishtail braids keep your hair on lock like no other, which makes this doubled-up style particularly appealing for days that require a lot of running around. It’s time-consuming, but there are no crazy complicated techniques to use — just two simple fishtail pigtails that can be worn milkmaid or halo style. (via Barefoot Blonde)


48. Princess Braided Updo: All hail your impeccable style. You may not be royalty, but this regal updo is the next best thing. Instead of rockin’ statement baubles the next time you want to up the ante on your favorite basics, opt for this pretty coiffure instead. (via E-Beauty Blog)


49. Intricate Layered Braid Updo: Channel a bit of Frida Kahlo’s signature style with an intricate braided updo laced with feathers, flowers and bright ribbon. It makes for a killer festival look that lasts for days (so necessary). (via Ventola Photography / Wedding Chicks)


50. Messy Braided Bangs: Fashionable fringe is beyond fab, but humidity and hot weather are a recipe for a case of bad-hair-day bangs. The solution: a simple braid. Growing them out? You’ll definitely want to add this number to your style arsenal. (via Brit + Co)

dutch rows

51. Dutchrows: What’s breathtaking about this braided ‘do: dimension. The 3D-effect of the cornrows and tightly plaited ends make this a win-win hairstyle. via (@fisayolonge)


52. French Fishtail Braid Chignon: It might be a mouthful, but this French-twist-fishtail-braid fusion is so worth trying. Also known as a seashell braid for its swirling, shell-like quality, it’s a stunning style that will take you from desk to dinner with ease. (via Hair Romance)


53. Side Cornrows: Show off both your sweet and sassy sides by combining two distinct styles into one show-stopping look. Slick cornrows instantly toughen up beach babe waves for a look that will make everyone do a double take. Soften the look with oversized sweaters and flirty floral prints. (via @kristin_ess)


54. Triple Braided Bun: Looks tricky, right? Trust us when we say it couldn’t be easier. Divide short, medium or long hair into three braids that are then twisted and secured with bobby pins for a super sophisticated ‘do. (via Camille Styles)


55. Twisted Braided Bun: This braided updo will keep strands in place in the most eye-catching way as you kick, punch and squat your way through your workout. It’s on point for ladies with fringe and layers too — locks won’t fall out in your face mid-rep. (via Pop Sugar)


56. Step Braid: Curly-haired ladies and anti-braiders, this one is for you. Using a roping technique, you can make your hair look beyond chic without any actual braiding business. In other words, this DDG updo is 100% lazy girl-approved. (via Brit + Co)


57. Bad Blood Braid: While a leather cat suit isn’t exactly everyday attire, a badass braid is fair game any day of the week. Take your tresses to T-Swift-approved levels with this sleek, sideswept fishtail. (via Brit + Co)


58. Textured Twists: Get Emma Watson glam for your next GNO or gallery opening with a half-up style that uses a series of twists to turn bedhead into a stunning braid-inspired style. Lazy girls for the win! (via Hair and Makeup by Steph)


59. Loose Twisted Braid: Everyone seems to be throwing shade at bobby pins as of late, but this Insta-worthy style is evidence of their game-changing ways. (via Brit + Co)


60. Half-Up Style With Layered Fishtail: Swap out a skinny three-strand braid for a messy fishtail number to add visual intrigue and texture to a classy half-up hairstyle. (via @meganngentry)


61. Fishtail 2.0: A milkmaid and Rapunzel-inspired fishtails merge for a Pinterest-perfect look with rouge-around-the-edges appeal. The rule goes: the messier, the better. (via Refinery29)


62. Spiral Braided Ponytail: Yup — that braid is woven into the ponytail. While you can totally cheat and simply wrap a braid around yours, go for the real deal to really push the limits on your off-the-clock look. (via @ffashionails)


63. Three Layer Braid Stack: Hello, gorgeous. This just might be the most swoon-inducing braid we’ve ever seen. Arms are guaranteed to get a major workout from this style, so maybe save this one for your rest day. (via @glambytoriebliss)


64. Bow Braid: Prepare to be stopped in the street when you step out in this bowtastic style — it’s that good. It can be a tough one to navigate on your own, so invite your bestie around for a bit of beauty bonding. (via @daniellesouuza)


65. Half-Up Pigtail French Braids: If you’re not totally sold on French braids post-primary school, here’s a style that proves they can do the sophisticated thing too. Opt for a half-up style with braids fastened at the crown of the head, and let the rest of your hair fall into loose waves. Go glam with your makeup and team with of-the-moment duds. (via @_akfreestyle)


66. Half-Up Flower Braid: What’s better than a bouquet of budding blooms? This floral ‘do. Turn a classic half-up braid into a bonafide piece of art by twisting into a pretty perennial. (via @missysueblog)


67. Waterfall Braid: If you love waterfall braids, you’ll fall head over heels for this über cute updo. Bust it out for dinner and drinks with bae, or pair it with your fave LBD for an after-hours work event. (via Hair and Makeup by Steph)


68. Fishtails for Days: Because one jaw-dropping braid just isn’t enough, this boho babe hairstyle combines five free-flowin’ braids and fishtails with a knockout messy milkmaid halo. Swoon. (via @karolinakaay)


69. Spiral Braid: This intricate (but totally DIY-able) ‘do has classy lady written all over it. Pull this one out of your beauty bag when you want to impress. (via Brit + Co)


70. Messy Dutch Pigtails: A pretty and playful hairstyle that takes you back to the good old days without compromising that impeccable sense of style? It’s all possible thanks to the iconic pigtail. Seriously! For a more gown-up edge, tousle gently for added volume and texture. (via Brit + Co)


71. Game of Thrones Braids: Game of Thrones nerds, get ready to geek out. This ethereal Daenerys-inspired ‘do is what dreams are made of. And while it looks just as complicated as the epic plot of your favorite fantasy series, it’s incredibly easy to pull off. Pair this free-spirited style with a cold-shoulder top and boyfriend jeans for an elevated off-duty ensemble. (via Camille Styles)


72. Voluminous Fishtail Ponytail: Take your ponytail to new heights by gathering tresses into a flirty teased fishtail that’s perfect for fun first dates like hiking, bowling or long bike rides. Let wisps hang freely for added romance, then send the look into overdrive with fiery red lipstick. (via @tessbeau)


73. Tilted Crown Braid: Up the ante on your crown braid by ditching the two-braid formula and braid all the way around the head instead. This is one look that will definitely keep ’em guessing. (via @analise.wells1)


74. Loose Layered Braids: *Pinch us* — we must be dreaming. This ethereal style can only be defined as out of this world. If you’ve been on the hunt for the ultimate hairstyle for your “I do’s,” this is so it. (via Samantha Broderick/@hairandmakeupbysteph)


75. Messy Mermaid Braid: This undone hairdo was practically made for beach bummin’ and lazy afternoons, but bring it out on date night (with that dress), and prepare to watch tongues wag. (via @modaprints)


76. Low Boho Bun: Skip the standard (though elegant) chignon and go all out with a lazy-girl bun wrapped up in a duo of textured fishtail braids. Bonus points for wispy, face-framing tendrils with a lovely, laid-back vibe. (via @glambytoriebliss)


77. Ladder Braid: Master the ladder braid, and your style cred will be on the up and up. Looking for an even bigger challenge? Try combining it with a few of your other favorite braids. (via @ffashionails)


78. Knot Braid Ponytail: Sleek, low ponytails have become a runway favorite, but if you’re after a style with a bit more personality, this knotted stack is right up your alley. Secure with a metallic clasp or colorful tie for added panache. (via @sarah.nourse)


79. Mini Braid Fishtail: This sideswept hairstyle is all about the texture. A slew of mini braids beef up the volume and put a contemporary, cool-girl spin on the festival-ready hairdo you’ll want to wear on the daily. (via Brit + Co)


80. French Braid Bun: Day-two hair sometimes requires a little more thought than a simple ponytail or topknot. And that’s where this sophisticated bun comes in. With a spritz of dry shampoo, it’ll keep locks looking fly no matter what comes your way. (via Camille Styles)


81. Double Half Dutch Braid Ponytail: There’s nothing else to say but pony game strong. Crossover braids turn up the heat on your weekend thrift shop-hunting and cafe-hopping style. (via @kristin_ess)


82. Maiden Twists: One word: obsessed. We simply can’t get enough of these pretty twists. The under-five-minute number offers an easy way to doll up your everyday down hairdo and keep the hair blahs at bay. Wear it alongside a frill-neck top and leather jacket for just the right amount of flirty and femme fatale vibes. (via A Beautiful Mess)


83. Double Fishtail Braid: Why have one fishtail when you can have two? Double up for extra drama, leaving the top nice and neat, and go big and beautiful on the bottom. (via @ellie_and_brit)


84. Exaggerated Halo Braid: Tease and loosen a halo braid for dramatic texture that’ll do your everyday style right every time. Wear it with statement shades and a cocoon coat for endless diva vibes. (via @jeanneep)


85. Baguette Bun: This is the type of style that looks like you put in a lot of effort, even when you didn’t (we promise not to tell!). The key to achieving that gorgeous lived-in look is a gentle messaging technique that adds texture and volume to both the dutch braid and the fold-over chignon. (via Kayley Melissa)


86. Pixie Braid: Ladies that rock rad pixie cuts can absolutely get in on the braid action. All you need is a little length on top to pull off this petite plait. (via Refinery29)


87. 3x Braid: Three fishtail braids are woven into one regular plait for a next-level look that won’t budge — whether you’re killin’ it in spin class or sprinting to make a connection. (via Brit + Co)


88. Double Braid Side Ponytail: Switch up your milkmaid braids by pulling them into a sweet side ponytail that defines laid-back chic. This boho beauty is practically begging to be paired with lace-up denim dresses and playful ruffle tops. (via @karolinakaay)


89. Easy Braided Updo: With just ONE braid and a few handy bobby bins, you can achieve this perfectly pretty hairstyle in minutes. It’s seriously that easy — if you can braid, you can definitely pull this one off. (via Twist Me Pretty)


90. Half Macrame Braid: Indulge your I-just-can’t-even mood, and stop short of a full-blown macrame crown. The half-done ‘do is just as jaw-dropping as the real deal, but only requires half the effort. What more could you ask for? (via @kristin_ess)


91. Braided Bun: There are so many ways to do a braided bun, but this one sets the sartorial bar high with a fusion of mini braids, an upside down French braid and more. Once you see how cool this looks, it’s guaranteed to become a regular in your rotation. (via Brit + Co)


92. Fishtail Mini Bows: If you’re short on time, a head full of hair bows might not fly, but you don’t need a fleet of the super cute embellishments to shake things up in the hair department. Weave two into a standard fishtail for hot-right-now style in seconds. Swoop it off to one side and balance out the other with a single statement drop earring. (via Brit + Co)


93. Tiny Braid Half-Up Hairstyle: Enviable style in five minutes flat? You’ve got this girl. Waterfall braids and a three-strand French braid will take on your next shindig, no problem. (via Brit + Co)


94. Aya Jewellery Gold Leaf Headpiece ($79): The only thing better than a romantic fishtail crown is one decked out in an ornate floral crown. Glam goddess status: attained.


95. Messy Layered Braid: Cozy sweaters and flowy floral dresses alike call for a free-spirited coiffure like this. Just try not to fall in love with its effortless appeal. (via @emilyrosehannon)


96. Gigi Hadid-Inspired Braid: You may not have Gigi Hadid’s budget, but you can channel a bit of her model-off-duty style with this modern take on a fishtail braid. Rockstar boyfriend not included. (via Brit + Co)


97. Little Fishtails: This multi-part plait makes fishtailing crazy easy. A series of small braids break up the style for a cool, modern update on the traditional fishtail. (Your fingers will thank you for giving it a go — trust us.) (via Join the Mood)


98. Fishtail Gibson: Old-world and new-world styles combine to deliver a classy modern look that screams chic. For dressed-up events, complete the sophisticated hairstyle with a glitzy diadem or metallic hairpiece. (via Brit + Co)


99. Rolled Half-Up Hairstyle: Love the stepped “non-braid” updo above? This gorgeous half-up, half-down style uses the same roping technique to create an intricate braid-like hairdo. Easy, right? Rock it at the office or take it along to lunch with the girls. (via Twist Me Pretty)


100. Fishtail Pigtails: There’s nothing juvenile about these bohemian braids. Pigtails might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think occasion hair, but these whimsical numbers are vying to change all that. They’re straight-up stunning with flowing chiffon and ladylike crochet. (via Brit + Co)

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