In case you’ve been offline this afternoon, here’s why they Beyhive is tweeting about the Country Music Awards for the first time probably ever: Their queen, Beyoncé herself, is performing at tonight’s 50th annual event.


While there’s no official word on when, what or, well, WHY the pop diva is slated to hit the awards show stage, fans suspect that the country-inflected “Daddy Lessons” from her groundbreaking Lemonade album — which was covered in concert by the Dixie Chicks this year — might have something to do with it. Or maybe, just maybe, it could be the country music industry’s recognition of an iconic contemporary artist who breaks genre boundaries and also happens to be a Black woman — that is to say, notoriously underrepresented in the world of country music. At any rate, people are FREAKING THE F OUT… and also, TBH, feeling a little confused about it all.

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(Photo via Kevin Winter/ Getty)