Comedian and one-time vegetarian Grace Helbig knows YouTube probably better than anyone. The actress recently starred in the film Dirty 30 — coming to theaters on September 23 — but got her start on YouTube. And she certainly hasn’t forgotten her roots. The star is still at the helm of her own channel itsgrace, which she started in November 2007 and has since accrued over three million subscribers. She says, “Oh man, I think at this point, I’ve probably made thousands of videos.” THOUSANDS. And they’re all side-achingly funny.

While she’s filmed a couple of parody beauty tutorials (including this hilarious Kim K + T.Swift-inspired makeup look), she has actually picked up a few real beauty tips from fellow YouTubers and IRL beauty gurus. Her number one makeup staple? The Beauty Blender. “The Beauty Blender is something that has changed my foundation life and I don’t know what I did before [it],” Grace tells us.

And, naturally, this statement requires a personal anecdote that is equal parts funny and tragic. “I was actually traveling recently to New York and I forgot my Beauty Blender, and it was too late to go to a store to buy a new one,” she says. “And I just stared at my foundation, like, ‘How did I do this before? What do I do?'” She starts exaggeratedly miming pumping foundation into her palm, then waves her open palms over her face. “I just poured it on my fingers and sadly tried to massage it over my face,” she says sheepishly. “It was a really sad scene. So, the Beauty Blender has become a really essential tool for me.” Yep, it’s happened to all of us. Sometimes when you’re a busy girlboss on-the-go, you leave essentials behind.


And Grace certainly IS busy. Besides killing it on YouTube, girlfriend runs her own podcast (Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig), is a published author AND is starring in her own film. But there are still career bucket list items that need to be checked. Like, starting her own pajama line.

“Something that lingers in my head that I haven’t gotten to do yet is work in clothing more and conceptualize some sort of sloppy, floppy, fancy girl clothing line,” Grace says. “I’m really into fancy sweatpants and comfortable casual wear — basically everyday pajamas for the everyday girl! That’s something I think about a lot and I would love to have a chance to elaborate on that in the future.” Um, sign us up!

Dirty 30 is now in select theaters and on Digital HD, and you can get the DVD at Target on September 27!

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