3D printing is becoming more and more mainstream, and we couldn’t be happier. And when it’s combined with the word jewelry, well, we’re ecstatic! Introducing Zazzy, a jewelry marketplace that’s similar to Etsy, where designers can utilize 3D printing to make their ideas come to life.


Jewelry designers can use the site to let their creativity run wild, and the folks at Zazzy will take care of not only the production of the piece, but the fulfillment, packaging and shipping. If the design doesn’t go into production, there’s nothing lost, which makes for zero overhead and zero waste.


The goal is to support independent designers and to foster creativity in a community where technology and commerce go hand in hand. Designers can also set sales and marketing goals, and Zazzy takes a much smaller portion of the final cost, eliminating the middleman.

If 3D designs aren’t your thing, you can also go old-school and upload a sketch or drawing or even a word or phrase, like we did below (couldn’t help ourselves!). Zazzy will take care of turning it into a wearable piece of art for you.


So whether you’re a jewelry designer or just a jewelry fanatic, head on over to Zazzy to start creating or get inspired.

What would you create? Tell us in the comments!